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Looking for an Accident Injury Clinic near Hialeah Gardens?

As with many cities on the coast of Florida, Hialeah Gardens is geared towards living a life of leisure in the sun. This city isn’t located directly on the coastal front like neighborhoods such as Coconut Grove, but it is just mere moments away. This means its residents have access to some of Miami’s best beaches on tap, enabling them to surf, swim and relax whenever they like. However, with good fun also comes the accidental sprain, injury or accident. Having a nearby accident injury clinic close to you means you can efficiently get your back and pain problems relieved in comfort.

Why come to our accident injury chiropractic clinic?

When you visit our car accident injury clinics you can always guarantee that you will be in the hands of absolute medical care professionals. All of our accident chiropractors are licensed and our practitioners are fully-qualified and experienced. We have a neurosurgeon on hand who is medically qualified to understand the specificities of spinal health. We also have an orthopedic surgeon, which means that you can rest assured that any problems regarding your limbs will be dealt with by a complete expert.

The reason we have such highly-qualified professionals on site is so we can give all of our patients an accurate assessment that is based on expert medical knowledge. It’s this experience and education that allows us to give you a genuinely tailored approach to your injury treatment. This means that you are far more likely to leave our auto accident injury clinic happy and more relaxed.

Near to our Miami car accident clinic

Hialeah Gardens has direct access to some of Miami’s best and finest coastal towns and cities, which means it’s bustling with busy residents who love their Florida sunshine. This city is jam-packed with up and coming cultural events and a booming nightlife, meaning its residents love to live life to the fullest. For those who want to make the most of their weekend trips to Miami Beach, comfort is an absolute necessity. If you have had to endure painful symptoms as the result of an auto injury, this can be debilitating for your confidence and well-being. You don’t want to miss out on those all-important days out in the sun, or walking round Hialeah Gardens’ cultural events because you can’t get rid of that twinge in your side or lower back. An auto accident clinic will help you to get up and move with ease and comfort.


One major reason for choosing a chiropractic and physical therapy clinic over surgery is that treatment will be fundamentally non-invasive. The prospect of surgery is intimidating to many people, and it’s understandable that you may not want it to be your first port-of-call in terms of healing back or limb pain. When you come to us, you will still receive a medical assessment, but the physical therapy you are given will be completely non-invasive if you want it to be, and could be just as effective. The added benefit of physical therapy is that it aims to not only aid in the process of relieving pain and tension, but it also can improve mobility and strength. The improvement in your physical strength will ultimately be beneficial in the process of healing from the injury, which is understandably a long-term goal for many people with persistent pain.

There are some additional surgical approaches we can offer, such as trigger point injection, which may be preferable for someone who wants an immediate fix to direct pain. Anesthetic medicine, and sometimes steroids, are injected straight to the muscle, which means the pain is dealt with immediately. The latter form of medicine is used to ease swelling as well as pain, which may be ideal for someone who is having to cope with more than just the odd twinge.

Chiropractic Services

One of our most popular forms of treatment is chiropractic care, which aims to relieve pain and stiffness by manipulation of the vertebrae and surrounding joints and tissues. This is a good way to immediately feel some sense of relief from chronic, ongoing pain without surgery. All of our chiropractic practitioners are fully licensed, which means you can feel confident that you are truly in the hands of a professional. They will also stretch out stiff limbs and maneuver joints to increase your flexibility.

If you live in and around the Hialeah Gardens area of Florida, then you will be happy to know that all of this is virtually on your doorstep! Just a short trip up to our clinic will see you getting a personalized consultation from an accident injury doctor. We work closely with the nearby residents of Miami, and so we have a strong bond with our community. It’s easy to reach out to us, and we can quickly arrange for your consultation and treatment.

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