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For Liberty City residents, Miami is just moments away. This is perfect if you’re after a good night out, time on the beach, or just a trip in for some brunch. It’s also ideal if you are looking for expert medical treatment. After being injured in a car accident, you will need tailored care to help see you through the rehabilitation process.

Some people may just need some massage therapies to soothe aches and pains, but others may need more physical therapies or surgeries to get them well and truly back on their feet.

If you are worried about finding a therapy that is right for you, then it might be reassuring to know that we have a wide variety of injury treatments on offer for our patients. With such a diverse range of massages and therapies to offer you, we can eliminate every possible option before the need to opt for final surgery.


We have some that you may not have heard of, such as:

  1. Hot and cold therapy: as you may already know, both hot and cold pressure can be used to ease swelling and pain. Both temperatures are great for easing soreness and help with other issues such as circulation. If this is something that appeals to you, then do contact our clinic for information.
  2. Paraffin bath therapy: as with hot and cold therapy, paraffin bath therapy can be incredibly effective for those who need to ease both swelling and pain. This is particularly useful if you suffer from arthritis. Enveloping painful areas in a relaxing warm temperature can be hugely soothing and can also help to repair some skin problems.
  3. Infrared light therapy: when you go out in the sun, that warm pleasant feeling you get on your skin is infrared light. Before you panic: infrared light therapy involves the benefits of that same heat, but without the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. This particular form of light is pretty remarkable, as it helps your cells to start repairing and regenerating. It also helps with circulation, which will ultimately aid with the healing process.

On top of these, we have more traditional physical massage therapies. These are particularly helpful for those who are experiencing painful symptoms which may be as a result of an injury. Back and neck pain, for example, are incredibly common, and may be able to be resolved through traditional massage practices:

  1. Chiropractic massage: manipulating and massaging the ligaments, muscles and vertebrae in your back can be incredibly comforting after a painful accident. On top of the relaxation benefits, there are some very real practical solutions it can offer. Increased mobility in your arms, legs and neck are just some of the perks of chiropractic care when it is used as the right therapy choice for patients.
  2. Physical therapy: massage, stretching limbs and retraining your muscles are all part of physical therapy, and can be hugely beneficial for patients who are struggling with movement. Physical therapy isn’t just about soothing you and loosening tense limbs. It aims to ultimately get you back on your feet

Of course, on top of these listed therapies, we also offer medical procedures, which can be far more invasive. However, we try to ensure that these are always a last resort. Our aim will always be to get you up and back on your feet without having to go under the knife. This is why we have some of Florida’s best surgeons and accident injury doctors on our team to get you the best possible results.

When you drop into our auto accident injury clinic, we will always set you up for a personalized consultation, so we can ensure that the treatment you are given is 100% tailored to your needs after your accident. This ensures that you are always comfortable, and that there is always a strong line of communication, so you make the fastest possible recovery. We only allow full-trained and fully-certified practitioners to work on our team, which means that when you swing by our clinic in Miami, you will receive top of the range care. 

Liberty City is one of Miami’s most infamous and historically-rich districts, and it has great access to Miami’s amenities. If you have suffered the painful consequences of an auto accident, then do not delay in reaching out to us at our Miami car accident injury clinic. It is very accessible to Liberty City’s residents, and is perfect for those who need a tailored approach to recovery.

Do not hesitate too long in contacting us, because as a citizen of Florida, you are entitled to free treatment on the provision that you seek medical care within 14 days of the auto accident happening.

So, if you have just left the hospital with a diagnosis and medication, do contact us swiftly.

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