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Are you considering to visit an Accident Injury Clinic Near Miami Springs?

Experiencing a bad accident can be absolutely devastating if you have a busy life to run. Looking after children, going to work and completing basic tasks can feel overwhelming if you are in agony every time you move. Instead of feeling condemned to a life in pain, it is important that you go and visit an auto accident injury clinic.

Luckily for those who are in the residential area of Miami Springs, there is a nearby car accident injury clinic. This means you will have easy access to expert care as and when you need it for your injury.

One of our most popular services is chiropractic care, which is incredibly effective for those who are experiencing back and neck pain. It can also be hugely helpful for those who are experiencing problems in their extremities, as many problems stem from issues surrounding the spine.

Our licensed practitioners work by manipulating the muscles and joints around the spine, to help loosen up your back and improve movement. All of our practitioners are licensed and verified, so you can rely on the fact that you will always be in the hands of a professional.

While we encourage victims of auto accidents to drop by our accident clinic, we do not exclusively deal with those who have been in this kind of incident. If you have suffered a sports injury, a work injury, or even a simple slip and fall accident, then please do reach out to us.

Any accident can result in physical damage to the body, and so it is important to try and remedy any pain you are experiencing as a result.

The answer is: of course, you will always receive an assessment from us before you are given any form of personal injury treatment. Even with massage therapies and chiropractic care, we will make sure it is the right solution for your pain. When you visit, we will chat with you about the problems you are experiencing and whether you will need a particular style of treatment to suit your medical needs.


The assessment itself will consist of a physical examination, which helps us to gauge what is actually causing your pain. We will  then ask you to complete some other physical tests, such as strength and mobility tests, so we can also fully understand where you are on the path to recovery.

In order to give you the most accurate assessment possible, we will always prioritize communication. This means understanding your requirements fully and checking-in with you throughout your post-accident aftercare. Our practitioners fully understand how important it is to have a strong dialogue with patients, as this ensures you have complete comfort during massage treatments and other therapies.


In terms of communication, we also have another trick up our sleeve. When it comes to the more legal side of your accident and injury, we can also aid you in the legal process, too. If you have not yet begun searching for lawyers to support you in court for your accident, we can indeed help you with this.


Over the years, we have worked with many accident victims, which means that we can help you to find an attorney that is right for you.

If you have suffered from an accident recently, then your safest bet is to contact us to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. We won’t know how to provide you with the best possible treatment until after a consultation and assessment. However, if you are experiencing medical problems after an accident, it is likely that we can help with physical problems including:

  • Headaches: some migraines and tension problems are the result of muscular strain, and in this case, we can help to provide treatment
  • Sprained and strained limbs
  • The most common of all back pains: lower back pain
  • Sciatica (it might be this condition if you feel pain shooting down the back of your legs)
  • Slipped discs
  • Limb injuries

If you have anything similar to these injuries, then don’t rule out the possibility that we could potentially help you. We aim to seldom resort to spinal surgery, and so we will offer a tailored range of treatments for the above conditions and more.

If you are in the Miami Springs area, and have recently been involved in an accident, then you will be happy to know that you are within moments of an accident injury chiropractic clinic that can help you.

Our aim is to offer tailored treatments to those who have been in an accident and are too frightened of the prospect of invasive surgery. While we do have neurosurgeons on our team, we also have a wide range of accident injury doctors and accident chiropractors to provide alternative options. 

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