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Are you considering to visit an Accident Injury Clinic Near Opa-Locka?

If you are local to the Opa-Locka area and have recently experienced an accident, then you no longer need to look any further for specialized aftercare for your injuries. When it comes to car accident injuries, your best approach is to find treatment as soon as possible.

Putting unnecessary strain on torn ligaments or sprained limbs will only cause problems down the line.

For those in the Miami-Dade area, our accident and injury clinic proves the ideal place to receive specialized injury treatment. It’s somewhere to get an assessment for your injuries, and treatments that are uniquely tailored to your symptoms.

We endeavour to do everything we can to avoid the need for surgery, which means that you don’t have to walk in and prepare yourself for bad news. Instead, you can rely on the knowledge that our accident injury doctors will find non-invasive treatments that aim to resolve your symptoms and get you back to your previous levels of strength.

If you are also having to handle the legal consequences of an accident and are wondering what role our clinic will play, then you may be surprised. Often, practitioners and lawyers communicate in order to ensure you get the best out of your legal case. If you are keen for your accident chiropractor or practitioner to hand over the most reliable information possible, then you needn’t worry, as our team has extensive experience in working alongside personal injury lawyers.

In order to help out the lawyer that assists you in your personal injury case, ensure that you take in as much information as possible at the scene of the accident. Take pictures, get witnesses to provide statements and keep any medical notes from medics at the scene.

Because we aim to soothe pain and aid recovery without the need for surgery, we offer a wide variety of massage therapies. We know that there are different types of massage for different types of pain and auto injuries, and so our practitioners offer a selection of therapies which have multiple benefits for different types of patients.

The most common form of massage is the deep tissue massage. This is actually different to Swedish massage as it takes a much deeper approach to accessing the muscle. The aim of this style of massage is to isolate and intensely massage the muscle that is causing you pain. This is much more effective at relieving pain and tension, as there is much more pressure involved in the process.

Another popular technique used at our clinics is the use of vibration massage. This technique is especially good for reducing tension. This is a very direct form of massage as the vibration is applied directly to the affected area. Another benefit of this technique is that it also aids circulation, which may be a major concern for some people who are struggling with movement and mobility.

If you want to receive a massage that has a profound effect on deeper muscle tissue, but don’t think you can stomach something as intense as a Swedish massage, then a neuromuscular massage could be the perfect compromise. The therapist will find alternative ways of massaging your muscles, that is hands on, but not quite as full-on in terms of pressure. For example, our therapists will likely use a technique known as ‘passive positional release’ which could be just as effective for you.

Being able to successfully recover from an auto accident injury is about finding treatments that are completely right for you. When you visit our clinic, we will provide you with a consultation and an assessment: the aim of which is to ensure that the care you are given is based on your diagnosis. This means that the treatments you receive will be personal to your individual needs. For example, if you have arthritis, there are some therapies that will be particularly beneficial. Infrared light therapy and paraffin bath therapy are both particularly soothing to those who experience stiffness and pain, as it applies a gentle, warm heat.

Alternatively, those who are suffering from back and neck stiffness could hugely benefit from going to visit an accident chiropractor. This form of massage not only aims to manipulate the muscles and ligaments around your vertebrae, but to also assist in improving your mobility.

If you are in the Opa-Locka area, and have recently experienced an accident, then don’t delay in getting your injuries soothed and healed.

Our accident injury chiropractic clinic is the best place to get a tailored diagnosis and be offered a range of therapies. We can offer you more direct treatments, which will pinpoint the pain, as well as physical therapies that aim to reduce pain and build strength over time.

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