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Unfortunately, when it comes to experiencing an incident at work, an auto accident, or just a plain old slip and fall, we are all susceptible to them affecting us. Accidents don’t just take an emotional toll; however, they can leave us in pain, or out of work for quite a substantial amount of time.

This can have a profound effect on not just your morale, but also potentially your income and lifestyle. To that end, many people want to return to work and see their car accident injuries heal as soon as possible.

 Just to the northwest of downtown Miami is Overtown, which makes our auto accident injury clinic an ideal place to visit for your accident aftercare. Overtown is just a short drive to the main city of Miami, which means you will have easy access to an assessment and regular appointments.

Particularly with sporting injuries, physical therapy can be hugely beneficial. Our therapists will use manipulation and massage to not only reduce pain, but also to aid your general movement and flexibility. Feeling stiff and uncomfortable can make returning to sports once enjoyed feel almost impossible. Physical therapy is part of the rehabilitation process, to help you to gradually regain your strength. While it may be frustrating to only gradually return to form, our physical therapists will help you to see a sure improvement throughout your recovery.

Many people worry about getting their injuries seen after an accident, especially as so many of them relate to the spine. Understandably, many people are hesitant about the prospect of getting their back manipulated or adjusted, as this is essentially the switchboard for our nervous system. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to put off the idea of visiting a specialist about your back troubles.

 However, it is not an approach that is recommended, as you are only leaving room for the pain to get worse. When you visit our clinics, you can guarantee that you will be seen by highly-qualified individuals. For example, there is a board-certified neurosurgeon, who is an expert on the spine. As well as a neurosurgeon, we also have an orthopaedic surgeon on site to deal with the difficulties with the limbs. By having these surgeons on site, we can provide an accurate and medically-sound diagnosis.

If you have been discharged and have a niggling pain in your back or elsewhere, then do not hesitate in seeking an assessment. It’s worth knowing that even the odd twinge can develop into something more problematic if it is ignored for too long. For example, lower back pain is incredibly commonplace, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a symptom of something larger:


  • A result of overuse or overexertion
  • A slipped disc
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Strain from poor posture or lifting
  • Spinal fractures, which is likely to be the result of impact. These are commonplace after accidents, which is why it is so important that you drop in if you notice any pain.
  • Bulging discs


While some of these are obviously more serious than others, it is still vital that you visit or call us if you have persistent lower back pain – or pain elsewhere for that matter – after an accident.

If you are worried about a pre-existing condition affecting your injury treatment, then it is still advised that you call us or drop in. In the case of osteoarthritis, our accident injury doctors are very well experienced in working with this condition. In fact, we have a number of treatments that could be hugely beneficial for someone with osteoarthritis.

Some of the treatments that apply heat could be incredibly soothing for someone who wants relief from the pain. On top of that, our physical therapists aim to build upon your strength and balance.

All of our therapies work on pain management, which are effective for long-term conditions such as osteoarthritis. This is particularly pertinent in the case of falls that have been caused by arthritis. We will aim to get you back on your feet as soon as possible by aiming to sooth pain and strengthen your limbs through physical therapy. As arthritis is an ongoing condition, you should expect to get treatment that helps you in the long-run.

If you are in the Overtown area and are in desperate need of help and treatments for an accident injury, then give our car accident clinic a call. We aren’t far away from you, as a short drive to Miami will demonstrate. There is no pain too small, or worry too irrational for our practitioners. Hearing complaints about pain and recurring problems will only help us to find a more tailored treatment for you. This way, you can begin your sessions as soon as possible and get well and truly on the road to recovery. 

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