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Located just behind the likes of Coconut Grove and South Miami, is Sunset, a small neighborhood that is home to one of the city’s most idyllic locations. For local residents and vacation travelers who have been unable to enjoy the outdoors due to accident injuries, it is good to know that they have a car accident injury clinic just minutes away. We can offer a range of chiropractic and massage services, which are perfect for loosening and removing persistent pains.

Auto Accident Injuries

Accident injuries can occur at any time of our life. We could be on a seafront jog one day without any cares, and the next day, we could be bundled over in pain. Torn ligaments, strains and slipped discs are all potential causes of back and limb pain, which can be debilitating if you love and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Easily getting an appointment in an auto accident injury clinic is a relief for anyone who wants to continue living out their everyday life without having to endure constant agony.

Find Specialists

One aspect of finding treatment for ongoing pain that many people worry about is finding a specialist who is legitimately qualified to handle the task in hand. You will not have to worry about this if you decide to get your therapy with us, as we have a number of qualified physicians who are on hand to help you. For example, we have the following:


  •   Board certified emergency physicians: in order to qualify to be an emergency physician in the United States, you must undergo a primary care residency. Not only that, but you also have to serve for an absolute minimum of five years and put in at least 7,000 hours of working in an emergency department.
  •   Neurosurgeon: this type of physician is an expert in the nervous system, and is specialized not only in diagnosing disorders and problems, but also in surgically treating them. Many neurological issues that neurosurgeons are qualified to treat include severe trauma, issues to do with strokes or infections, and other problematic diseases that can affect someone’s ability to walk and function.
  •   An orthopedic surgeon is someone who specializes in acute and severe injuries. They also work with congenital problems and other chronic conditions such as arthritis and issues that affect your bones and joints. Not only that, but they are also experts in the surrounding tissues, such as the ligaments, nerves and muscles. This type of surgeon is particularly useful in ER departments.
  •   Physiatrist: this obscure term describes a medical doctor that works within the realm of osteopathic medicine. These doctors often work in the field of rehabilitations, which is particularly common for sporting and accident injuries. They also work with those who are suffering from chronic pain and have issues affecting the musculoskeletal system.
Why Seeing a Specialized Accident Injury Doctor Matters

In order for us to effectively treat you and give you the best care possible, we need experts to give an accurate diagnosis of your problem — and to also know how to fix it. This is why we only hire certified accident chiropractors to handle our patients. Manipulating your vertebrae, tissues and ligaments is careful work, and we would only trust someone with the best qualifications to do that.

All of our injury treatments are incredibly specific to the patient. We always give you an assessment beforehand to ensure that the therapies we offer can be tailored to your problem and needs. For example, the physical therapy we offer is designed to lessen your pain and build your strength and flexibility. This can only be achieved if it’s being done by an expert who is able to produce an accurate diagnosis.

Hit the Road to Miami

Sunset isn’t directly on the coast, but it is close to some of Miami’s most bustling residential areas. This village is close to Tropical Park, and is just across the road from the Hilton Miami Dadeland. You can access it via Interstate 1, which takes you down Biscayne Boulevard. However, this area of Miami is pretty straightforward insofar as traveling directly towards the coastline will bring you into the busier areas of Biscayne Bay View and Southwest Coconut Grove. More specifically, Route 986 will take you directly through the beautiful area of Sunset and out on your way to Miami or Hollywood.

If you are in the Sunset area and are reluctant to immediately jump into surgical measures for chronic back or neck pain, then do drop into one of our two accident injury chiropractic clinics. We have specialists on hand who are experts in their field, and can give you the best non-invasive measures to try out. You may notice a remarkable difference to your spine and general comfort after just a few sessions. We also offer a broader range of therapies that can be used to soothe and treat more acute forms of back pain, should you require them. 

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