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Car Accident Clinic Key Biscayne

Car Accident Clinic Key Biscayne

At Icon Medical Center’s car accident clinic in Key Biscayne, we understand that every one of our patients is unique, and every injury is different. Some are less severe than others, some are worse, and many have the potential to hide symptoms until a later date. That is why we urge all of our patients to get evaluated as soon as possible following their accident. Receiving a complete medical checkup from a licensed provider can offer you invaluable insight into your injuries, their treatment, and your recovery timeline.

Car Accident Clinic Key Biscayne Car Accident Clinic Key Biscayne Car Accident Clinic Key Biscayne

Icon Medical Center’s car accident clinic in Key Biscayne can provide you with complete diagnostic capabilities on-site. We use diagnostic tools, our medical training, and our experience to detect and get to the bottom of all car accident injuries. What’s more, you can receive all your care in one convenient location without juggling different doctor’s visits and treatments in various settings. You are welcome to drop in or make an appointment for same-day or next-day consultations at your convenience. Call us today.

Understanding Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries can happen for many reasons and affect all parts of the body. The severity of the injuries usually depends on multiple factors, such as:

  • Whether the injured party was wearing their seat belt or not.
  • If the victim got hit from the front, side, or rear.
  • If the person who got hurt was facing forward or had just turned in a different direction.
  • Whether the accident occurred at high speed or it was a low-speed collision.
  • If the car had airbags and deployed or if there were no airbags or they did not deploy.

There are two generalized categories of car accident injuries. They can be either impact or penetrating injuries.

Most Common Types of Injuries After a Car Accident

Injuries to Soft Tissues

Soft tissues are the tendons, ligaments, or muscles, and they are the most common type of injury in a car crash. They can have many forms and include injuries such as whiplash. This affects the neck and the upper back, and can occur when the head and neck snap back and forth due to the force of the impact.

Other injuries to soft tissue may happen in the mid and lower back and include sprains and more serious back injuries.

Cuts and Scrapes

Loose objects inside the car tend to fly like projectiles during a collision. Eyeglasses, purses, books, cell phones, coffee mugs, mounted GPS systems, and shattered glass can hit the body with force, causing cuts, scrapes, and bruising. While some of these injuries may heal on their own in a couple of days, others may require stitches.

Chest Injuries

Injuries to the chest area include painful bruises, internal injuries, and broken ribs. Lungs can also be punctured. These injuries happen when the body collides against the steering wheel or when it is violently held back by the seatbelt or hits the dashboard.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are always worrisome, and they can be minor or extremely severe. When a car stops unexpectedly or is forced to suddenly change direction, the heads of the driver and their passengers also move in sudden and unnatural ways. The result is sprains in the neck, muscle strains, and injuries to the head.

The head can be bruised or cut when it hits a window, the steering wheel, the dashboard, or is hit by a flying object. Severe head injuries include tearing of the brain tissue and its blood vessels, concussions, and lasting brain damage.

Injuries to Arms and Legs

The sudden and unexpected force of the collision can also impact arms and legs. Limbs may be forcefully thrown against car doors and knees may hit the dashboard or the seats in front of them. The result can be broken bones, bleeding, bruises, scrapes, or sprains.

Therapeutic Measures

At the Icon Medical car accident clinic in Pembroke Pines, we employ several therapeutic measures to help our patients recover their health as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We always look for ways to exert a beneficial influence on the body while helping it to regain its strength. Some of the physiological measures we use in our chiropractic care include:

Heat and Cold

Alternating between heat and ice therapies will help patients treat ailments like back pain. Ice packs work to numb the pain when applied for periods between 10 and 15 minutes. A heating pad may then be applied to help restore blood flow to the affected area and encourage faster healing.


Massaging soft tissues is another tool our doctors use to improve circulation, reduce swelling and inflammation, and promote faster healing. Whiplash, lower back pain, shoulder pain, and other conditions will benefit from massage therapy.


Your doctor will recommend a series of movements and exercises focusing on strength and stretching. By involving our patients in their healthcare when they are at home, the healing process does not stop the moment they step out of our clinic but may also continue while they are at home.

Dietary Management

Our doctors and chiropractors will provide you with crucial tips on how to improve your diet to benefit your overall health, fight pain, and regain your health.

Cold Laser Therapy

This therapeutic method entails particles of energy that are carried by a laser and absorbed by the cell membrane’s photoreceptors. The light is converted into biochemical energy that helps fuel a biological process believed to decrease inflammation, pain, and swelling.


Hot baths, whirlpools, wraps, or saunas help the body focus on its reaction to hot and cold stimuli. This may help reduce the sensitivity to back pain, numb the pain, and promote blood flow and faster healing.

These are just some of the therapeutic methods we have at our disposal at our car accident clinic in Pembroke Pines. Call us or drop by for an initial consultation and get on the right path towards your recovery.

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