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Chiropractor near Key Biscayne

Chiropractor near Key Biscayne

A licensed chiropractor can fix back pain in ways that massages and stretches are simply unable to. You need to know how to manipulate the spine in a safe and strategic way in order to get it back into its proper alignment, and that is exactly what Icon Medical’s chiropractors near Key Biscayne are great at. You’ll be able to enjoy the instant pain relief of chiropractic adjustment just by calling or making an appointment online.

Chiropractic care is a great way to improve your health and wellbeing on a regular basis, but what about those who are interested in chiropractic treatment plans to help with their accident injury?

Whiplash, other auto accident injuries, slip and fall accidents, sports accident injuries – all of these and more can greatly benefit from a top Key Biscayne chiropractor, but not just any chiropractor will do.

Chiropractor near Key Biscayne Chiropractor near Key Biscayne Chiropractor near Key Biscayne

Why Do You Need a Specialist Chiropractor for Your Accident Injuries?

There are so many reasons to book an appointment with a specialist chiropractor clinic like Icon Medical. We are the top chiropractor in Key Biscayne and come highly recommended for our quality of care and our services. Come to us for your urgent medical rehabilitation after an accident or for your chronic pain conditions. When you come to us, you’ll get all these great benefits:

Medical Guarantee

When you are injured, you need a health care solution that works. Otherwise, you may just end up worsening your acute low back pain when you seek medical treatment from a non-medical clinic. At Icon Medical, however, you never need to worry about that. We are a medical clinic that has been Nationally Accredited by The Joint Commission. On top of having a board-certified emergency physician as our Medical Director, we also have a neurosurgeon and pain management physicians on our staff that are here to check you over and oversee your treatment.

Whatever your body needs to recover, you’ll get it. That’s how we know you’ll be 100% satisfied with the service we offer, and why we know you will have a great experience with us.

All-In-One Treatment

Our chiropractors can provide exceptional chiropractic treatment and physical therapy treatments alike. Their talent and dedication to your recovery extend from your spine to your joints and even your muscles. We can help those who are recovering from injuries manage their pain holistically, and all of our treatments offer additional benefits like improved recovery time.

Top Quality Services

Regular clinics cannot offer you many additional services, at least not without you incurring massive costs at the end of your treatment. As we accept insurance, you can add on the cost of essential services and have your insurer cover your costs.

Some of the most common services that we offer are our transportation services and our bilingual services. These services are available if and when you need them.

With transportation, for example, you may be more comfortable having a loved one drive you. Rather than be entirely dependent on them always being free, however, you always have a backup with us. If your loved one has an emergency meeting or is stuck in traffic, for example, simply call us up, and we’ll organize transportation for you. This transportation can be available on a one-off basis or for every single session you have with us.

The same applies to our bilingual services. Simply let us know whether you prefer to be treated and communicated with in English or Spanish, and we’ll make it happen.

We also offer legal aid services for those of our clients who are involved in a compensation claim case. We cannot represent you or offer you legal advice, but what we can do is put together the evidence you will need to help you win your case. The evidence in question is also very useful in ensuring you get your full compensation sum.

Accepts Insurance

Quality assurance and full-scale recovery are great enough reasons to choose Icon Medical on their own, but our biggest selling point is definitely the fact that you can get your care covered when you come to us. For most accident injuries, you can go through your medical insurance company to get the treatment and pain management you deserve.

For those who have been in a car accident, we recommend a different approach. In Florida, you have 14 days after an auto accident to schedule an appointment with a clinic and start treatment. If you start your treatment within that time limit, your auto insurance must cover your health care costs as part of your auto accident claim. It’s definitely the cheaper way to go since your deductible will already be reached covering your auto repairs.

Start Treatment Today

Personalized treatment designed specifically with you and your injuries in mind from a top-quality medical clinic that accepts insurance is what you get from us. We offer you everything you need to get back to your best self, so book an appointment today and experience the difference first-hand.