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If you have heard about the hype surrounding lymphatic drainage massage, but you are not exactly sure what it entails, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Icon Medical Centers in Hollywood, we have a team of talented therapeutic massage practitioners who are passionate about all of the latest and most innovative massage techniques available — including the ever-popular lymphatic drainage massage.

Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are all fans of this highly effective treatment that promises to improve a whole host of conditions relating to the lymphatic system including extreme fatigue, cellulite, swelling, migraines and several digestive conditions.

But does it actually work? And more importantly, can it work for you?

A healthy and working lymphatic system is crucial for ensuring that your body is able to regenerate tissues, drain fluids, filter out toxins and generally maintain an overall healthy immune system.

Without this system working correctly, you will never feel 100%.

The lymphatic drainage massage treatment that we offer at our Hollywood Medical Center uses gentle massage techniques to encourage the movement of lymph fluids around your body.

The result?

You will feel energized and light, with no more traces of any heaviness or sluggishness that you may have been experiencing.

Lymphatic massage therapy has the ability to relax your body, restore your systems and generally make you feel better on the whole.

Who wouldn’t want that?

For more information on how our lymphatic drainage massage treatments can help your particular health complaint or ongoing medical condition, please call one of our experienced and knowledgeable team members today who will deal with your enquiry sensitively and with complete confidentiality.

What should I expect at my first lymphatic drainage massage treatment?

Our talented and highly professional massage practitioners will guide you through your first lymphatic drainage massage, ensuring that you are comfortable and informed about what happens every step of the way.

In your first session, you can expect:

  •         A consultation with your individual massage therapist to determine what exactly you want to achieve from your lymphatic drainage massage, as well as any health problems you are suffering from, or surgeries you are recovering from.
  •         During the procedure, you will be asked to remove as many items of clothing as you feel comfortable doing, and asked to lie on our top-of-the-range massage tables.
  •         A towel will also be provided to make you feel more comfortable and at ease.
  •         Your massage will then begin and will involve light and rhythmic massage strokes.
  •         It is important to note that your lymphatic drainage massage will not be painful or cause any discomfort.
  •         After your treatment, your massage therapist will talk to you about a range of exercises and processes that you can carry out at home to continue to support your lymphatic system.
  •         You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the procedure and anything to do with your aftercare.
Can lymphatic drainage massage help me recover from cosmetic surgery?

Swelling is a normal reaction to cosmetic surgery as your body is attempting to heal itself from an invasive procedure. However, certain cosmetic surgeries can disrupt the natural course of your lymphatic system, resulting in prolonged swelling and increased lymphatic fluid in a particular area of your body.  

Cosmetic surgeries that may benefit from a lymphatic drainage massage treatment include:

  •         Liposuction
  •         Tummy tucks
  •         Breast augmentation
  •         Rhinoplasty
  •         Face lift

If you have undergone a surgical cosmetic procedure, our lymphatic drainage massage can help:

  •         Reduce swelling
  •         Reduce bruising
  •         Prevent scar tissue
  •         Fight off infection
  •         Ease pain or discomfort
  •         Speed up the healing process

If you have any questions about how we can help you recover from cosmetic surgery, please contact us here today.

How long does a lymphatic drainage massage last?

A lymphatic massage usually lasts between 30 to 90 minutes, depending on your specific medical condition, although we recommend at least 60 minutes for your first session to kick start your lymphatic system and to ensure that maximum results are achieved.

However, it is worth noting that the total consultation can last longer as our dedicated massage practitioners will want to thoroughly discuss your needs and expectations regarding the treatment, as well as find out about any specific medical problems or issues you have been experiencing.

If you are recovering from surgery, it is crucial that you communicate this with our massage therapists so that we can ensure your treatment is targeted and complements your body’s natural healing process.

If you have a health complaint or ongoing medical issue that you think could benefit from a lymphatic drainage massage in west Hollywood, then please get in touch today.

Our Hollywood Medical Center is waiting for your call!

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