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Tummy Tuck Post Surgery Massage in Miami

Lymphatic Massage in Miami after Tummy Tuck Surgery at Icon Medical Centers

One of the most effective ways to treat post-surgical lymphedema following a tummy tuck is with lymphatic drainage massage. This specialized lymph fluid drainage massage is just one of the therapies that we offer at Icon Medical Centers in Miami, Florida. Our Board Certified physicians and therapists are skilled and have experience treating lymphatic edema with drainage massage to improve your appearance, reduce swelling, and increase your comfort level after your tummy tuck.

For many people, losing excess weight in the abdomen – particularly after having a baby, can be impossible without surgical help. A tummy tuck can help by removing excess skin, repairing damaged muscles and getting rid of lingering fat.

Following a tummy tuck or any other procedure, many people experience post-surgical lymphedema, the medical name for the swelling and bruising that takes place after any surgery. While lymphedema is the body’s normal response to any trauma, the swelling can mask the results of your tummy tuck surgery and even cause significant discomfort.

How Does Lymphatic Drainage in Miami Help After a Tummy Tuck?

After surgery, the immune system is activated along with the lymphatic system. This results in fluid buildup and swelling. The lymphatic drainage massage techniques are specifically meant to move the lymphatic fluid away from the tummy tuck area, minimizing swelling and bruising. Lymph drainage rids the body of waste products and fluid buildup, which helps to make the tummy tuck results more immediately apparent.

In addition to helping you to have an attractive abdomen, lymphatic drainage massage benefits those who have recently had a tummy tuck procedure by reducing the discomfort and pain caused by fluid retention at the site of the surgery. Drainage massage will also make it clear more quickly whether further surgery is necessary or if your tummy tuck has allowed you to achieve your desired goals.

How Long Does Lymphatic Drainage Massage Take?

The number of lymphatic drainage massage sessions you require after your tummy tuck depends greatly on a number of individual factors including the health of your immune system and the location and extent of your surgery. While surgery in other areas of the body may only require a small number of lymphatic drainage massage sessions, the abdomen typically requires more. Additionally, a tummy tuck is a fairly extensive surgery, which can mean that more lymphatic fluid is in the area.

How Often Should I Get a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

We often recommend at least six to twelve lymphatic drainage massage sessions following your tummy tuck, but your physician and your massage therapist will discuss your condition and your goals with you to create a treatment program that is perfectly customized to your needs. Your physician will also inform you of how often you should get a lymphatic massage and when you should begin.

The medical professionals at Icon Medical Centers understand that you may have questions and concerns about your post surgery massage. They are here to explain the process and guide you through your post-surgical process.

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