Lymphatic Drainage Massage for a Tummy Tuck

Having tummy tuck surgery can be a fantastic confidence booster for many patients. We have seen many people in our clinics who have worked hard to lose weight and get themselves into better shape, but they have been left disappointed with excess skin. A tummy tuck can really help to solve that.

The problem, however, is that sometimes a tummy tuck requires multiple surgeries, and the resulting surgery can make patients quite sore for quite some time after surgery.

The best way to combat the soreness either after your final surgery or between surgeries is to undertake a course of lymphatic drainage massages at Hollywood clinic Icon Medical.

What is a lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is not like a regular massage. Regular massages work on the deeper tissue and stimulate blood flow, this is precisely the opposite of what a lymphatic drainage massage aims to do.

A lymphatic drainage massage aims to reduce the swelling and reduce the lymphatic fluid that builds up after surgery. This is done by either using hands or a roller device and very gentle movements on the soft tissue to disperse the gathered liquid toward the lymph nodes where it can be properly drained.

Why should I get lymphatic drainage in Hollywood?

Lymphatic drainage massage at Hollywood clinic Icon Medical is an essential part of your plastic surgery journey. This type of massage can be done on any surgery site but is most commonly performed on the abdomen after a tummy tuck or after gynecomastia surgery, removing excess breast tissue.

Many people find that after plastic surgery, they are left with some hardness, some water retention, swollen areas, and perhaps even lumpiness under the skin. For patients that have spent a lot of money on their surgery, this can be quite disheartening, but this is easy to fix with lymphatic drainage massage.

Due to the very nature of plastic surgery, especially things like liposuction, the tissue surrounding the cannulas that were used is subjected to a high level of trauma, meaning the tissue will swell up and become inflamed. There is no way to stop this during surgery due to the nature of the surgery, but this is where lymphatic drainage massage can help patients by reducing the swelling post-surgery and speeding up the healing process.

Is lymphatic drainage massage the same as deep muscle massage?

No lymphatic drainage massage is not the same as a deep muscle massage. A deep muscle massage, such as a sports massage, is designed to repair muscles by stimulating blood flow to the area. A lymphatic drainage massage aims to do exactly the opposite by gently dispersing the fluid and not increasing the blood flow.

Lymphatic drainage massage can help to decrease the hardness of the scar tissue following a procedure, which is something that a deep muscle massage will not be able to do.

Surgeons recommend lymphatic drainage massage just after surgery, and it can also make a big difference before the surgery getting your skin ready to heal itself and getting rid of excess water and toxins.

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