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Massage therapists have recently become highly sought after as the benefits of massage for pain and stress relief have become more apparent, showing how therapeutic massage can improve both your physical and emotional health. Here at Icon Medical, we provide a team of highly trained and experienced massage therapists to help you gain the care that you need to relieve any pain that you are experiencing in a relaxed and comforting environment. They will do this by using techniques that are suited to your personal situation and preferences. To find out more about what massage therapists do and how massage therapy can help you, read on for some current information.

What a licensed massage therapist in Miami can do for you

Local massage therapists can help to relieve pain and tension in the body through a variety of hands-on techniques that can be personalized towards your preferences, based on manipulating the muscles and soft tissue in the body. During an appointment, they will discuss with you where you are experiencing pain and other factors such as your lifestyle and diet, which may be affecting your susceptibility to pain. Then, they will be able to find the trigger points in your body which are causing you pain, implementing a massage through the use of their hands, fingers, elbows, forearms or knuckles. This depends on the types of massage that you are receiving, however, which will be explained later.

What conditions can they treat?

The physical effects of massage are extensive, with massages helping to reduce joint and muscle pain and tension, increase movement and flexibility in the body. These help to restore and build muscle strength, and lower blood pressure.

The effects of massage also include help to relieve pain through the increase of circulation and blood pressure in the body. This can help to promote the body’s natural healing processes. Not only this, but our massage practitioners are also trained in processes that produce numbness, acting as an anesthetic on the body.

However, massage can also be used to treat individual conditions and symptoms that are specific to certain illnesses. For instance, massage can be used to reduce nausea created by chemotherapy and can even reduce the effects of dementia. Sports massage therapy can be used to treat sports and workplace injuries such as neck and back pain, headaches, and repetitive stress injuries, as well as injuries from auto accidents such as whiplash and sciatica. Our sports massage therapists at Icon Medical Centers have years of experience and the knowledge required to help you recover after almost any sports injury.

Massage can, however, be used for emotional reasons and can help to reduce the symptoms of poor mental health, such as poor sleep patterns. The process allows those suffering from stress-related conditions and anxiety to find relief by promoting relaxation and a reduction of tension in the body. This can help those who are struggling with mental health issues, as well as those who are struggling emotionally after a diagnosis for conditions such as chronic pain and cancer.

What massage techniques do they use?

Our massage therapists at Icon Medical can perform a range of massage techniques that can treat a variety of conditions.

  • Deep Tissue Massage: This is separate from regular or Swedish massage in the fact that it uses deeper strokes on the body in slower motions to better be able to access the muscle and tissue that is causing pain. This relieves tension to a greater effect. Massage therapists perform this using their forearms or knuckles and put extensive pressure on the body.
  • Vibration Massage: This technique is used by our therapists to relieve tension in particular areas of the body. Massage therapists can conduct this massage using hands-on or electric techniques. This can help to focus on the effects of the massage on a particular part of the body. In this type of massage, a therapist will stiffen their limbs and focus the shaking that this causes on the affected area of your body, which will, in turn, increase your circulation.
  • Neuromuscular Massage: This practice combines methods to help both the muscles and the nerves in the body through hands-on techniques. Neuromuscular massagers will find alternative ways to massage the body, such as passive positional release, to access deeper muscle tissue in less painful ways than a deep tissue massage.
Why should you choose Icon Therapy massage therapists?

At Icon Medical Centers, our massage therapists have a range of skills to ensure that you are able to opt for the correct massage that suits your particular condition and painful area of the body. Highly trained in a variety of different techniques, our massage therapists will discuss with you the right massage for your condition, as well as how you can improve your lifestyle to benefit the pain that you are experiencing. Using a range of techniques, they can help to make your experience as relaxing as possible in order to cure and treat conditions such as chronic pain, muscle tension, and strains and sprains.

Our state of the art facilities implement massage therapy and chiropractic treatment to ensure that your pain is relieved. Through regular chiropractic adjustments and massage techniques, your body will be able to heal quickly and efficiently. Our chiropractic massage therapists know which therapeutic massage techniques to employ in your massage sessions for the best results.

Personal injuries are common and are a large factor behind chronic pain and pain relief. However, here at Icon Medical Centers, we understand how personal injuries can affect your life, and, within this understanding environment, we will be able to ensure that you can return to your life prior to the accident as quickly as possible. 

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