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When you have an accident, whether it’s a car accident or something else, the first thing to do is check for any obvious signs of injury. This could include cuts and bruises, broken bones, and more. In other words, any accident injury that can be seen can be dealt with quickly.

However, there might be other auto accident injuries that you need help with, and they are the ones that can’t be seen. They require more in-depth investigation, and you may need to go to a hospital for urgent medical assistance.

Yet even this might not cure all the auto accident injuries you suffer. A spinal injury, for example, isn’t always easy to spot, especially if the pain is manifesting in your legs or hips (which can definitely be the case because the spine is connected to the rest of the body through the nervous system).

This is why, even when the doctors have helped you as much as they can, you might still be suffering from chronic pain or acute low back pain.  In this case, it can easily feel as though there is nothing that can be done because if the hospital can’t help you, who can?

The answer is Icon Medical Centers. We are your ideal Miami accident clinic in Pembroke Pines, and we deal with chronic pain resulting from a car accident, sporting injury, or any other reason every day. In addition, we help with acute low back pain.

We can even assist with your physical therapy needs. So book an appointment with Icon Medical Centers, and you will be satisfied with the service since it leaves you pain-free and much more mobile, able to enjoy your life once more.

We Understand The Issues Chronic Pain Causes

The osteopathic experts at Icon Medical Centers understand the issues that chronic pain causes in people’s lives. We have great experience in this area, and we have had many patients over the years.

That means we’ve heard about all kinds of problems such as having to quit school, reduce working hours, stop driving, not being able to hold your children, having to give up on hobbies and dreams and plans, and so much more.

We understand how this can affect someone negatively, and we know that thanks to the chiropractic care we offer at our Miami accident clinic in Pembroke Pines, we can give all these lost things back to you. Compared to other Miami chiropractors, we do so much more, and solving chronic pain is just one of the many ways we help our patients.

If you need us in any way, Icon Medical Centers is here for you. Schedule an appointment and talk to our chiropractic care team right away.

Only Bespoke Treatment Plans

There are no two people in the world who are exactly the same. This is true in their personalities, looks, likes and dislikes, and chronic pain. Everyone reacts differently to a car accident, which is why it wouldn’t be fair of Icon Medical Centers to offer everyone the same treatment plan. So instead, we use our great experience to create a bespoke treatment plan for everyone who needs to seek medical help for chronic pain, acute low back pain, or the plethora of other conditions Icon Medical Centers can treat.

To get to the treatment plan and so that we know what kind of chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy options to include within it, we discuss the issues with our patients. We find out what it is that they have lost, what they want, and how they were hurt.

Putting all this together, we can ensure they are satisfied with the service and the treatment plan that Icon Medical Centers gives them. It makes sense to book an appointment to come to our Miami accident clinic in Pembroke Pines when you know how much work our licensed chiropractors will put into your health care requirements.

What About Auto Insurance?

We do a lot for our patients at Icon Medical Centers. So if you’re looking for a friendly, enthusiastic, experienced Miami accident clinic in Pembroke Pines, there is no one and nothing quite like Icon. We’ve got everything you could possibly need to be covered to reduce or eliminate your chronic pain after an auto accident.

That even extends to speaking to your insurance company. We go above and beyond, and we liaise with your auto insurance company to give them the information they need to process your compensation claim. This takes the pressure off you and means that your auto insurance issue is dealt with quickly.

This can often be something that people put off because it can feel upsetting and confusing. However, with Icon Medical Centers are your ultimate chiropractic care assistants, you don’t need to feel that way anymore.

We can do everything for you and give you your life back without any more chronic pain. So to schedule an appointment to come to our Miami accident clinic in Pembroke Pines, our great experience means you’ll get help from us.

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