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Auto Accident Doctor in Miami Shores

Auto Accident Doctor in Miami Shores

Auto accident injuries need a chiropractic adjustment. They need physical therapy. The only time they do not immediately need these treatments is when they need urgent medical care.

Burns, cuts, internal injuries, bone breaks – these are the types of injuries that are best left to hospital staff in the emergency room, but they can always be improved on once you have been discharged.

There are so many reasons to call or make an appointment online. You will have a great experience through and through, yes, but more importantly, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of our treatments first-hand.

Auto Accident Doctor in Miami Shores Auto Accident Doctor in Miami Shores Auto Accident Doctor in Miami Shores

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Your Auto Accident Injuries

There are so many benefits to chiropractic care after a car accident. For one, it is one of the best and only ways to effectively and quickly deal with back and neck pain. The spine can get jostled terribly during an auto accident, putting pressure on your spinal discs, and even bumping it out of proper alignment.

This can cause several issues. It could mean that your spine is unable to hold your weight properly. It could mean that a nerve or blood vessel is pressed. The pain can be either due to gravity, due to the nerves, or because your brain cannot get the same amount of oxygen it should be.

With a licensed chiropractor, a spine-related accident injury can be fixed quickly and effectively.

You will not just be 100% satisfied with the service our Miami Shores chiropractors can offer for your accident injury, either. They are ideal for those with chronic conditions like osteoporosis and can be instrumental in helping you manage your pain holistically.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for an Accident Injury

Physical therapy is how we best round out your health care recovery. It is highly recommended for those who have been in an auto accident, as it can help you with injuries not typically covered by a chiropractic physician.

Think joint injuries, or muscle injuries, or even muscle-related acute low back pain. Heat and massage therapy alike can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and ease away pain all at once.

Benefits of Medical Pain Management for Your Recovery

We offer three exceptional pain management injections for our patients. These injections are ideal if you are suffering from chronic pain and seek medical treatments that do not just focus on more pain medication.

With our board-certified medical doctors, you will be in nothing but the best of hands while we work to address your pain at the source.

Additional Services You’ll Enjoy at Icon Medical

We are more than just a great chiropractor in Miami Shores. We are a medical clinic, and The Joint Commission Nationally accredits us. To earn such high accolades, a clinic must go above and beyond and offer exceptional service through and through. That is why we offer many great additional services for our patients.

Need help getting to our clinic? You may not be allowed to drive due to your medication or cannot drive because of your injuries. Rather than relying on a loved one, build transportation into your treatment plan by simply letting us know how often you need our services.

We can treat you in English or Spanish and can even put together evidence if you need help winning a legal case for compensation. We go above and beyond for our patients.

Whatever you need, we want to be here for you. Simply let us know if there is any way that we can help. We cannot do everything, but we will do our best to improve your experience with our team.

Book an Appointment with Our Team

We accept many of the major insurance providers. Come to us if you are with Ambetter, with Cigna, with Florida Blue, or any other top provider in the state. Not only can you go through your health insurance company, but you can also get coverage from your auto insurance.

The only stipulation you need to keep in mind when going through your auto insurance is that you need to schedule an appointment within 14 days of your auto accident. You could have been at fault or entirely innocent; the same coverage applies.

The only instance where you may not be covered is if you decide not to go through your auto insurance and instead decide to handle it privately with the other driver.

If you feel aches and pains after an accident, remember that your car insurance is not just there to cover your vehicle’s damages but your rehabilitative care costs. Always consider this before you decide to handle things privately, as medical costs can add up before you know it.

Regardless of how you get your treatment covered, however, know that we are there for you.

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Auto Accident Doctor in Miami Shores