Accident Clinic Miami

Accident Clinic Miami

Car accidents can be bewildering and confusing. Your priority is treating accident injuries for yourself and passengers. Today, car accident doctors can properly diagnose and treat your car crash-related complications at an accident injury clinic.

At Icon Medical Centers, LLC, car accident doctors coordinate to offer you premium healthcare services. Your injuries will be assessed by trained medical doctors specializing in injury diagnosis, pain management, and treatment. Getting immediate medical attention will give you the best chance to heal correctly and quickly and to have your legal case managed effectively.

Accident Clinic Miami Accident Clinic Miami Accident Clinic Miami

Miami Auto Accident Clinic And Injury Diagnosis

Auto accident injuries can take time to fully manifest. Quality auto accident treatment starts with a proper diagnosis in either a hospital facility or a Miami accident clinic. After a thorough examination of your past and current conditions have been completed, our accident clinic Miami team can recommend and provide the following courses of action:

Chiropractic Care

Miami accident injury chiropractors can help you restore joint flexibility, reduce pain, and realign the spine after your motor vehicle collision. Icon Medical Centers, LLC offers comprehensive chiropractic care and physiotherapy to facilitate the healing process. The sooner you start chiropractic treatment after an accident, the sooner you can heal.

Massage Therapy

Massages increase blood circulation, range of motion, help reduce swelling, and can help victims recover from the mental and physical trauma they experienced. Myotherapy services can complement your Miami chiropractor or physiotherapist treatment plan. Massage therapy enables victims to heal faster, both physically and emotionally.

Legal Assistance

Florida statutes stipulate you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries after you have been involved in a car accident as long as you file a claim within four years.


Our licensed therapists understand how the musculoskeletal system works and how the body moves. If there have been injuries to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, or nerves, it will affect your ability to move. These injuries also lead to back painneck pain, and “frozen shoulder.” Physiotherapy may eliminate the need for surgery and help you recover faster.

Steps To Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Auto accidents create unique injuries. Some accidents require dedicated auto accident treatment from trained professionals. Icon Medical Center, LLC can provide you with the exact treatment required for your specific injury.

We employ skilled auto accident injury doctors in Miami on our staff, who can provide you with a full range of comprehensive therapies and treatments in a single location, including massage and physical therapy. Sometimes the services we provide are more than just a solution to your pain, but they’re vital in protecting your claim as well.

We are a medical facility and specialize in treating injuries, but we can also recommend personal injury law professionals who provide legal advice. Keep the following in mind if you’re involved in an automobile accident in Miami Dade County or surrounding communities:

Understanding Your Legal Rights

According to Florida law, you could be entitled to medical care when your accident injuries are caused by another negligent party. Contact our clinic to learn more about rights under Florida’s tort law, your medical coverage limits and ensure you are protected in the event of a personal injury claim.

Pain Diagnosis And Treatment

We diagnose and treat patients with acute or chronic pain. Back and neck pain are common after a collision and require special care. Seeking medical treatment is one of the best ways to prevent injury, maintain a healthy back and neck, and keep your muscles strong and flexible.

Common Accident Injuries Miami

There are myriad ways of getting hurt. Icon Medical Centers can help you regardless of the severity of your injuries or how they happened. If you have been hurt after being involved in a Miami accident, call us at (305) 858-8845 to schedule your consultation. Here are some of the most common injuries we see at our Miami injury clinic:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Soft tissue damage caused by even minor accidents can lead to chronic headaches, back pain, and emotional anguish. Many patients who have suffered severe trauma trust Icon Medical Centers to aid in their healing. Remember, a personal injury lawyer can help you if you have been involved in a car accident in Miami. They can advise you on how to afford complete care from our Miami accident clinic for your traumatic injuries even when you do not have insurance.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are among the top causes of traumatic brain injury, joint issues, and injured muscles. We treat active athletes who want to get moving again. Call now to speak with one of our office staff who can schedule an appointment.

Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are notorious for causing injuries to the spinal nerves. Proper treatment from one of our physical therapists or any chiropractic clinics can help relieve the back pain associated with your neck injury and other injuries related to your fall. Patients who seek treatment usually recover faster and experience other benefits as well.

Miami Injury Clinic Benefits

At Icon Medical Centers, we offer all the healthcare services you need after an accident. When patients seek medical attention after an accident, they protect their rights to pursue damages in court according to Florida law, and they give themselves the best chance to make a full recovery.

If you seek medical treatment at one of our accident clinic locations, your treatment plan will be customized to help you reach your health goals. Our medical office will serve tirelessly to do all that we can to stimulate your body’s natural healing process.

Here are some of the advantages to working with an accident doctor for your emergency injuries:

  • Thorough examinations will be conducted by our Miami injury clinic doctor specializing in injury treatment and diagnosis. Once you’ve been diagnosed, we can collaborate with your personal injury lawyers to ensure you receive the necessary medical benefits and get back on a path towards a pain-free life.
  • Multi-specialty providers will care for you. Our network of skilled providers can treat orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic injuries and those that require physical therapy, an MRI, and more.
  • We will work with your reputable trial attorneys to ensure that your car insurance policy covers your medical care.
  • Our office can provide transportation until you get a rental car. Several accident attorneys have relied on our services to help manage the process of getting a rental car and dispensation of your damaged property.

Visit a Miami car accident clinic today after your injury because we can diagnose and treat your injuries, provide transport, offer pain relief services, recommend reputable trial attorneys, and use our established professional relationships to advocate for your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents And Treatment

Icon Medical Centers is available 24/7, helping accident victims heal. We are nationally accredited by The Joint Commission, and all the doctors can communicate clearly with patients in their preferred language. We help accident victims throughout South Florida. When you need a Miami accident clinic, call (305) 858-8845.

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked as medical professionals about automobile crashes and recovery:

Our injury clinic Miami team is ready to make your accident treatment run as smoothly as possible. Here’s what you can expect when working with our team:

  • Committed and compassionate care
  • Immediate treatment if necessary
  • Same-day, walk-in, or next-day appointments
  • Qualified auto injury medical professional evaluations

Physicians are trained to accurately diagnose and treat injuries related to an accident or injury and then communicate with insurance companies. Providing insurance companies with accurate and timely information will significantly increase your chances of getting the medical coverage and settlement you deserve.

Pain medicine services are relatively new, but they are rapidly developing. Our team of doctors has the specialized skills, has conducted the proper research, and possesses the equipment necessary to treat even the most complex pain issues.

Our reputable healthcare professionals always recommend treating your motor vehicle accident injuries seriously. Some people fear that they shouldn’t report their accident to their insurance company because they’re too minor. Always remember that appearances can be deceiving, and this is especially true for car accident injuries.

Even if you look and feel fine, the impact could have caused spinal misalignment, whiplash, or a herniated disc that may not be immediately apparent. Our specialist treats car accident injuries every day and has the skills necessary to diagnose and alleviate your accident-related health concerns properly.

According to Miami, FL laws, you should seek medical care within two weeks of the accident. It will ultimately depend on your insurance provider, but if you don’t seek medical care within two weeks of an accident, it can reduce the likelihood of being covered by insurers.

Uninsured or underinsured motorist claims and personal protection claims offer additional coverage when coverage amounts aren’t sufficient—many delay seeking medical treatment because they don’t have health insurance. When you come to Icon Medical Centers, we won’t require health insurance. This means you can get the care you require because we deal directly with the liable party’s automobile insurance company to ensure that you’re covered.

Your personal injury protection insurance should cover your expenses up to a specified amount, and afterward, additional claims can be submitted to cover the rest. Personal injury and tort law professionals can help you understand all the rights you’re entitled to.

Auto accidents happen and, far too often, the result of these accidents is pain, injury, lost productivity, and future pain and problems for the people involved. Many people involved in an auto accident have injuries that they don’t even know about because the symptoms can take weeks to manifest. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you quickly seek qualified medical care after you have been in an accident, even when you feel fine. Even a minor accident can cause damage to the most vulnerable parts of your body, such as your neck and spine. Due to the rush of adrenaline coursing through your body after an accident, you may not feel the pain for several hours, days, or even weeks after the accident. Our team of board-certified doctors will be able to diagnose and treat your soft tissue injuries, fractures, spinal damage, concussion, or whiplash. During your assessment, they will recommend a treatment plan that may include professional chiropractic services, visits with any of our licensed massage therapists, or physical therapy. Seeking treatment immediately after your accident injury may help reduce your chances of developing chronic pain. With multiple locations in South Florida, you can schedule an appointment to receive medical treatment from Icon Medical Centers by calling (305) 858-8845.