Accident Clinic Near Miramar, FL

Accident Clinic Near Miramar, FL

Accident Clinic Miramar

Terrible accidents can be life-changing and prevent you from living the way you used to, but this can be solved with cutting-edge medical care. Incredibly bad injuries caused by a personal injury can require a long time for you to recover from. However, with a supportive medical team behind you, you can get the help you need to recover sooner. There are many types of doctors that you can receive treatment from based on the type of healthcare you need. You can speak to our clinic to get directions to learn what options you have. For more information, contact Icon Medical Centers in Miramar for an initial consultation.

Accident Clinic Near Miramar, FL Accident Clinic Near Miramar, FL Accident Clinic Near Miramar, FL

Is There A Way To Recover From Catastrophic Injury?

An extremely bad accident can force you to become partially or fully disabled, either temporarily or permanently. These types of injuries typically end up in emergency surgeries and long-term disability. In the case of a catastrophic injury, your doctors can be there for you every step of the way and provide different approaches to help remedy each aspect of your personal injury. You can work with an interdisciplinary medical professional team with vast experience and a wide variety of backgrounds to provide the expertise and healthcare specialties you require to improve your wellbeing. 

Type Of Treatment Regimes For Catastrophic Injuries 

Catastrophic injuries are far more severe than normal injuries and may require a more in-depth approach to help you recover.


If you’ve been injured in a way that severely impacted your spinal cord, spinal column, or peripheral nerves, you may need neurosurgery to help your nervous system heal after a life-threatening accident. This is also the case for any head injuries that may have caused hemorrhaging, hematomas, or a concussion. Penetrating injuries of the brain or spinal cord may have also caused serious nerve damage, requiring a neurosurgeon to review your case. 

Chiropractic Therapy 

In addition to pain relief for joints, broken bones, muscles, and connective tissues, chiropractic therapy can also fix deeper issues. Spinal manipulation is great for issues caused by a damaged spinal cord. When spinal cord injuries limit your range of movement, a chiropractic physician can work on your spinal bones, ligaments, and tendons around the spine to improve the bone structure. This can return your mobility so you are able to perform normal tasks. 

Physical Therapy

When you are suffering from pain and the inability to move properly, a physical therapist can help you recover and regain your range of movement. They can help rehabilitate chronic conditions such as back, neck, arm, and leg pain. Physical therapists massage and stimulate muscles and bones to help improve muscle tone. They also assist patients that need wheelchairs, walkers, or other equipment. This treatment can use a combination of stretches, massages, and exercises. 

Massage Therapy

When dealing with shocks of pain because of torn or injured muscles, you can use massage therapy to help you heal your muscles. Massage therapy can help reduce painful spasms, contractions, and soreness. When muscles are contracted, this can also affect the nearby nerves, resulting in nerve compression. Your massage therapist can help reduce nerve compression by relieving the pressure and tension caused by the surrounding muscles. 

Pediatric Surgery

When you have traumatic injuries that can be dangerous, you may need emergency care from a pediatric surgeon. They mainly work on injuries to the extremities, chest, neck, and abdomen. For example, you may have gotten into an accident that caused your lungs to get punctured, putting you at risk of one or two collapsed lungs. Your pediatric surgeon can immediately help in such an urgent time and follow up with additional recommendations and treatments.

I Was Injured And Need Help. What Are My Next Steps?

Severe personal injuries can put your life at risk for a long-term disability, and it can delay your recovery if you don’t get healthcare treatment that helps you improve from your disorder. Whether it’s broken bones, musculoskeletal disorders, or nervous system disorders, you can overcome your injuries quickly and eventually regain full mobility with a rigorous healthcare strategy. If you haven’t been treated already, you should speak to our highly experienced team to receive the healthcare you need. Instead, you might not be seriously injured and have deep chronic pain that makes you fatigued. Your medical doctor can help you treat chronic pain using various strategies that help target the source of the issue. Get guidance on your next steps and call Icon Medical Centers for a consultation.

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