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Upper Trapezius Muscle Pain treatment in Miami fl

If you are suffering from stiffness or pain in your upper back, top of the shoulders, and arms, you may have an injury to your upper trapezius muscle. The trapezius muscles enables us to turn our head, shrug our shoulders, and lift and twist our arms, so when this muscle is injured it can make everyday life painful and difficult.

At Icon Medical Centers, we have a team of experts who are experienced in diagnosing and treating muscle strains, tears, and ruptures, including the upper trapezius. If you are in pain, contact our office today to book an examination. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin your treatment and get you on the road to recovery.

What is the trapezius?

The trapezius is a muscle in your back that is triangular in shape, beginning at the neck, across the shoulder blades and down to the middle of the back. There is a right and a left side to the trapezius muscle which enables us to turn and tilt the head, move our shoulders, keep the shoulders steady, twist and raise our arms and maintain our posture. It’s clearly an important muscle and when damaged, has a huge impact on our range of motion and level of strength.

Symptoms of Upper Trapezius Injury

The symptoms of an upper trapezius injury will differ from person to person depending on what has caused the injury and how severely it has been damaged. A strained trapezius will feel tender and sore to move and you may be able to feel painful knots in the muscle. Some people will experience cramps or spasms in the muscle and particularly severe strains may be bruised, inflamed and/or swollen.

It’s likely that you will find it difficult and painful to move your neck, shoulders, and arms from issues to turning your head to a tingling sensation in the arms. A tight sensation and weakness in the arms are also common.

If the injury has been sustained in a car accident, your symptoms are likely to be more severe and will need immediate medical attention. Shock can often numb pain and discomfort in the hours and days following the accident and pain can be delayed. Call Icon Medical Centers today to book an initial consultation with an experienced physician who can diagnose your condition.

Upper Trapezius Pain Causes

Injuries to the upper trapezius will usually occur through overuse or through acute injury, such as those sustained in a car accident. Cervical spine injuries are commonly sustained in car accidents, which could also cause upper trapezius pain and headache pain. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is highly recommended that you see a medical professional and treat any injuries you may have sustained in order to avoid chronic upper trapezius pain or even chronic neck pain.

Overuse of the trapezius muscles typically occur when a physical activity with a relatively low impact is repeated for a long period of time. If a muscle is damaged and not given time to repair itself before the same activity is carried out again, muscle strain is common. For example, upper trapezius myalgia is often suffered by weightlifters. This injury develops and worsens over time.

Acute muscle injuries are those caused by sudden trauma such as a collision, a hard blow, a fall or twisting motion. An acute muscle injury will be apparent straight away, with symptoms including tightness, neck and shoulder pain, and potentially, bruising.

If you are suffering from upper trapezius pain and headaches as a result of overuse or acute injury, get in touch with Icon Medical Centers today to book an appointment with our pain and recovery specialists.

Diagnosing a Trapezius Injury

In order to diagnose a trapezius injury, we will begin by discussing the injury with you to ascertain if it has been caused through overuse or injury, as this may help us to pinpoint the specific issues in your case. We will then carry out a series of physical examinations including moving the neck, shoulders, and arms into a variety of positions to assess your range of movement and level of pain. We will also use X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). X-rays to reveal any bone damage such as fractures which have caused the muscle to be damaged and MRI scans show detailed images of soft tissue to identify strains, tears or ruptures.

Upper Trapezius Pain Relief in Miami

Once the cause of your upper trapezius pain has been identified, a doctor in our treatment center in Miami will advise you of your treatment options. In addition to rest, ice, and possibly compression, treatment options may include physiotherapy, strengthening exercises, or trigger point injections to aid in your recovery. In severe cases, when a tendon or muscle has ruptured and become detached from the bone, surgery may be considered. Recovery time will usually vary between weeks and months depending on the severity of the injury and how quickly it is treated.

If surgery is required, Icon Medical Centers works with some of the best doctors in South Florida so you can rest assured you are receiving the best possible care. We are committed to your recovery and provide only the highest standard of care to every patient. 

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