Muscle Pain

Muscle Injuries

Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries are painful and can be the result of overwork or an accident. Most muscle injuries happen during sports, but they can be caused by many different activities in general. For example, they can also happen in slip and fall, work, or car accident injuries. When you have a muscle injury, you can get help from therapists, physicians, and surgeons who work together to help diagnose and treat you as quickly as possible. Call Icon Medical Centers for more information. You can also learn more about muscle injuries and how they can affect you over time.

Muscle Injuries Muscle Injuries Muscle Injuries

Muscle Strain

A muscle strain occurs when your muscles and tendons are torn in an accident. Tendons, which are the tissues that connect muscles to bones, can also be harmed when they are stretched too far during a collision. The pulling and twisting of muscles in the back, arms, and legs can cause cramping, swelling, pain, and muscle spasms. This can create discomfort and difficulty moving after you’ve been in an accident. Time off from work may be necessary as you may be unable to perform normal activities.


These injuries happen when the force of a collision causes a severe blow to the surface of the skin, creating a bruise. Your body might have hit the ground, a wall, a blunt object, fitness machines, or other people. This causes significant damage to the muscles and soft tissues without external bleeding. The affected muscle area will be sore after a contusion, and you will see a black or blue mark appear on the surface of the skin. The discoloration is caused by torn blood vessels. There may also be hematomas or pools of blood within the injured area. Contusions can also be a sign of a more serious injury, for example, organ damage and broken bones.

Muscle Sprain

Muscle sprains occur when the ligaments in the muscle are injured. This is when trauma forces ligaments in the ankles, wrists, back, and other sensitive areas to tear or stretch in unnatural ways. Sometimes you may feel a pop when a ligament is torn, making it difficult for you to move your joints. You may feel bruising, pain, and swelling in the area that was sprained. These injuries may not seem that serious but can result in discomfort and the inability to move the affected body part.

What Should I Do If I’m Injured?

When you’ve been in an accident, you should see a doctor to get medical treatment as soon as possible, even if you don’t see or feel any injuries initially. This is because you may be feeling a rush of adrenaline, preventing you from sensing any pain. You may also have a lot of endorphins running through your system, helping you to feel calm while managing a scary situation. Endorphins also change the way you feel pain, similar to adrenaline. Long after the accident, the adrenaline and endorphins begin to wear off. Soft tissue injuries take longer to show up, creating pain long after your accident. Instead of finding out two to three weeks after your injuries, your doctor can perform an imaging scan to let you know how badly your muscles and other soft tissues have been damaged.

How To Treat Soft Tissue Injuries

These injuries can be stressful, causing fatigue, low energy, muscle spasms, and severe discomfort. When you have soft tissue injuries, it is recommended that you get lots of rest. You should also consider physical therapy, as it can help you recover faster. Taking time off from work will help you recover sooner so that you are not overworking the sore muscles.

You can also consider chiropractors who can help adjust your bones and spine to bring relief to sore muscle tissues. Massage therapists can also help improve your muscle strength after they’ve been weakened by an accident. They can help your muscles relax, remove knots, and help enhance blood circulation in injured areas.

What About My Medical Bills?

When you seek medical help and physical therapy, this can lead to massive expenses. You can receive treatment from a nationally accredited medical facility that accepts insurance and provides payment plans.

What’s Next After I Have A Muscle Injury?

You can work with a team that provides specialists in a multi-disciplinary facility. Muscle injuries after an accident can be helped by injury chiropractors, neurosurgeons, massage therapists, and orthopedic surgeons. Whatever you need to recover from your muscle injury can be provided so that you can return to your normal way of living. Contact Icon Medical Centers for more information.