Neck Strain

Neck Strain Treatment

Neck Strain Treatment

Treating Neck Strain with Chiropractic Care

Neck strain is a relatively common condition that can be easily remedied with a wide range of treatments and chiropractic care. At Icon Medical, we take neck strain extremely seriously due to the discomfort and pain it can cause you, even preventing you from fulfilling your daily activities. However, because neck strain is often of no concern and not an indicator of serious illness, those with neck strain often leave it to worsen over time without taking steps to prevent neck pain or protect their neck in the future.

Neck Strain Treatment Neck Strain Treatment Neck Strain Treatment

If your life has been affected by Neck strain, it’s time to visit Icon Medical Centers in Miami. At Icon Medical Centers, you can find Miami back and neck specialists and who can diagnose where your pain is originating from and can come up with a unique treatment plan to help you reach Neck strain relief in Miami.

Diagnosing where your Neck Strain is originating with Chiropractic Care

The causes of neck pain vary considerably, but are most often connected to an individual’s lifestyle decisions and the activities which they routinely perform on a regular basis. One of the major causes of neck pain is linked to sleep. If you sleep in the wrong position or have bad posture while you sleep, this can leave your neck locked in an awkward position for hours every night, which can end up making it feel sore and stiff throughout the day. Another factor to impact neck strain is bad posture. This misalignment of the spine and neck is usually caused by sitting at a desk or office, or from looking at a screen or book, for long hours every day, causing your neck to become strained.

However, it is not only inactivity that causes neck pain, with many sporting injuries and car accidents causing neck pain through conditions such as whiplash, which occurs when the neck is forced into a sudden and jarring back and forwards motion, causing difficulty of movement, pain and stiffness. Additionally, many career paths are more susceptible to neck strain than others, with those with repetitive actions or those working in an office environment that is poorly suited to their personal needs, for example, desk and computer height.

Neck strain is caused when one of the fibers in your neck muscles or tendons becomes taut and tears. Additionally, neck strains can also refer to sprains, which is when one of your ligaments tear or stretch further than they should comfortably be able to. This can also refer to the tearing of the vertebrae at the top of the spine, which is something that can be helped to heal through chiropractic treatment at Icon Medical. This is because injury to the vertebrae may affect the nerves in your body and them to become damaged. However, even though neck strain refers to damage to the muscles or tendons, this does not often mean that there are any issues involving your airway, for instance.

  • If you are experiencing neck pain, you should immediately stop the activity that has caused the neck pain and, if possible, find an alternative way to perform the activity in question, such as adjusting your desk area or screen, or buying a new mattress if the position you sleep in is causing you pain.
  • The first thing that you should do if you are experiencing neck pain is to visit the doctor, who will be able to diagnose your condition, check for any underlying medical causes, and prescribe any medical treatments that you should take alongside chiropractic care. You should take extra care to visit the GP if your neck pain has not diminished within a couple of weeks, if you have any other symptoms, or if the pain is extremely severe as could be an indicator of another medical condition.
  • You should also consider alternative treatment options such as chiropractic care with Icon Medical, who can help to correct your neck alignment and boost your pain management through a reduction of pressure on the nerves. This will help you to find an alternative to traditional medical treatments, or even complete chiropractic care alongside other treatments
  • You would use exercise to help treat and prevent a range of other conditions, and this is no different from your neck. To help you to stop your neck pain at home, you should try a selection of neck exercises. These include neck flexion, where you move the neck forward and tilt your chin when sitting, and side flexion, where you move your neck from side to side to release tension in your neck.
  • You should also consider the use of painkillers such as paracetamol to help with your pain management. This will help you to continue your daily life while you seek alternative treatment.
  • However, the range of techniques that we offer at Icon Medical, from chiropractic care to massage and physical therapy, are a great option for those whose neck pain is more consistent or if you are struggling to solve your neck pain problems.
  • Chiropractic care at Icon Medical Centers can help to relieve tension in the neck through proper spinal alignment, which can reduce the pain and stiffness that you are experiencing. Not only this, but practices such as massage and pain management help to improve circulation, which can boost the body’s natural healing ability and ensures that the pain you are experiencing can soon become manageable.