Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Treating Neuromuscular Pain with Massage therapy

Neuromuscular massage is a common alternative treatment used in medicine to treat pain, and so can be useful for many of our clients who experience chronic pain or pain resulting from an injury.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

At Icon Medical, we are driven to provide the local communities of Miami and Hollywood with the care that you need to recover from personal injuries. Neuromuscular massage is one of the most beneficial treatments for those with intense muscle and soft tissue-related conditions.

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During a neuromuscular massage, examination and treatment are combined to find the best solution for individual conditions. Neuromuscular therapy is a type of deep muscle massage that focuses on trigger points, allowing particular areas of the body to be targeted during the process. In therapy sessions, hands-on techniques are combined with other factors such as stretches to treat the pain that individuals are experiencing. Although there are various methods of neuromuscular massage, they all focus on the health of muscles and their surrounding tissues to maintain the body’s overall health and reduce pain. However, it is distinguished from other forms of massage by its ability to access the nervous system.

The benefits of neuromuscular massage therapy are vast and have been known to help many people experiencing pain. The main issue that neuromuscular massage can treat is muscle pain, due to the ability to relieve the pain of ischemic tissue. Muscle pain is caused by the tissue being unable to receive the right amount of blood. However, neuromuscular massage can relieve this pain by releasing tension and allowing lactic acid to escape the muscle.

Other muscle and tissue troubles that this particular type of massage can treat include repetitive stress injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome by releasing pressure on both the nervous system and muscles. It can also help back pain, headaches, knee and jaw pain, where the muscles and nerves can combine to cause pain to patients.

In short, this type of massage can treat any issues caused by a variety of problems that include the compression of the nerves, a restriction to your blood flow and a lack of circulation. It can also help issues with movement caused by reduced flexibility of your joints and muscles, and even problems caused by issues with your posture, such as back and neck pain.

Unlike other types of massages, neuromuscular therapies do not use deep hands-on methods to regulate pain. Practitioners understand that sometimes putting pressure on painful areas can cause harm to patients and worsen the discomfort that they are experiencing. Instead, practitioners of neuromuscular massage use a variety of passive techniques such as passive positional release, which is centered on the nervous system and individual nerves without leaving the patient in pain.

Neuromuscular therapy also uses manual techniques to increase blood circulation in the body. This can be difficult with other forms of therapy as low blood circulation can make the skin sensitive. Instead, the practice uses techniques such as approximating tissue, which sees the practitioner moving skin towards the painful part of the body while it is being manipulated.

Neuromuscular therapy’s use of trigger points is also inherent to the practice, with massagers working slowly through each layer of the pain to access the trigger point, rather than manipulating it directly. This can then reduce the pain of the therapy.

During the process, your massage therapist will discuss with you the source of your pain to determine the right massage techniques to utilize. They will then focus on distinguishing the trigger points in your body that are causing you pain, which are areas of sensitivity in the muscles that can cause issues when problems occur in this part of your body. Then, pressure will be applied to the necessary area for a consistent length of time, which can help to improve circulation, improve range of motion, and decrease tension.

Neuromuscular massage is the perfect solution for patients who are experiencing chronic or long-term pain that makes partaking in other forms of massage regimes difficult or painful. Neuromuscular massage can still be sore, however, practitioners work to reduce the pain that you experience in massage through finding alternative techniques to access your muscles and the tissue surrounding them.

The licensed massage therapists at Icon Medical provides a wide range of massage therapies, including neuromuscular massage near you for those who are experiencing chronic or hard to manage pain that has occurred due to a personal injury, such as an auto accident or workplace injury. Contacting us will allow you to discuss whether the process is the right one for you, as well as enable them to find the correct course of action for you based on your lifestyle and the injuries that you have sustained.

Although other types of massage therapies are effective in curing chronic and muscle pain, neuromuscular massage is one of the top techniques when considering treatments for those for whom other forms of massage can be painful. A type of deep tissue massage, neuromuscular massage therapy sessions at Icon Medical should be considered if you are experiencing long-term muscle pain, repetitive stress injuries, and even headaches, which can start to hinder your enjoyment of life.