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Car Accident Chiropractor Palmetto Bay

Car Accident Chiropractor Palmetto Bay

When you get a bruise, it takes a few days to heal. The same is true of a cut, scrape, or abrasion. Broken bones take weeks or months. However, spinal injuries after a car accident can take much longer, and in some cases, these auto accident injuries don’t heal at all.

This means that the patient is left with chronic pain or acute low back pain for the rest of their lives. If they don’t organize chiropractic care, they may never have a normal life again; they might always be in pain and require pain management, and their mobility could be severely affected. A car accident chiropractor Palmetto Bay will be needed to give you your pain-free life back once more.

Car Accident Chiropractor Palmetto Bay Car Accident Chiropractor Palmetto Bay Car Accident Chiropractor Palmetto Bay

It can often feel as though there is nothing that can be done when you are suffering from chronic pain. However, Icon Medical Centers is here for you. We are a highly recommended chiropractor in Palmetto Bay, and we promise that you will be satisfied with the service we give you for your chronic pain.

Insurance Matters

If you need to seek medical attention because of the chronic pain that auto accident injuries have resulted in, you will most likely also have to contact your insurance company, and this can be a problem.

It’s a problem because it’s an arduous task that no one enjoys, and it’s a problem because you’ll have to talk about the car accident you went through, and this isn’t a comfortable thing for anyone to have to do.

If you’re worried about contacting your insurance company, even if the accident wasn’t your fault, then you won’t be the only one; many people get nervous and having to do this, and it can even slow down their recovery after an auto accident because the mind and body are stressed and tense.

This is an understandable way to feel, but when you are using Icon Medical Centers as your car accident chiropractor Palmetto Bay, you don’t have to think about it. Instead, task our wonderful team with the job or speaking to your insurance company for you, and we’ll do it.

We can liaise with third-party insurers, too, dealing with your entire claim no matter what issues that might bring up for you. So, you won’t be under so much stress, and the chiropractic care that we give you will speed you on your way to recovering from your acute low back pain, chronic pain in the back, neck, or other areas, and more.

Of course, depending on the nature of the car accident and the compensation claim, some people have to attend court to talk about what happened. Icon Medical Centers’ experts can help there too.

We will go to court with you and explain in detail about your auto accident, your auto accident injuries, and your chiropractic care and treatment plan for the future. We said we were highly recommended, and this – plus much more – should give you an explanation as to why that is.

The Team at Icon Medical Centers

So that we can help as many people as possible when they have been in a car accident and are suffering from chronic pain, we have gathered together the most incredible team of osteopathic experts at Icon Medical Centers. They are second to none in their expertise and knowledge, and whatever pain you are in and your spine has been injured, we know we can help.

Some Miami chiropractors will rely solely on licensed chiropractors to do all the work at their clinics, and if the patient needs more than chiropractic adjustment, they will have to seek medical help elsewhere. At Icon Medical Centers, we think that’s asking a lot of the patient, so we have every service you might require under one roof.

The team we are talking about includes chiropractic physicians, massage therapists, physical therapy experts, an emergency doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, and a board-certified neurosurgeon. So, whatever it is you are diagnosed with, we will have some – or a combination of medical professionals – who can help you.

Working together, the team will create a bespoke treatment plan for each patient, ensuring that not only do they get the best chiropractic care right now, but they also stay protected and healthy into the future too. 

Here for The Patient

When you book an appointment with Icon Medical Centers, car accident chiropractor Palmetto Bay, you know you have made a good choice. We work hard for everyone who comes through our doors, reducing or eliminating their chronic pain and improving their mobility through various means. You will receive the very best chiropractic care from Icon Medical Centers, and our great experience means we will always know what to do for the best.

Making an appointment online is a simple thing to do, and after that, you can rest assured that everything is in hand. Your health care needs will be met, and your life can improve significantly.