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If you are looking for a massage therapist in Florida, then look no further. We have two accident injury chiropractic clinics on the coast to ensure that Florida’s residents have access to great aftercare for their accident injuries. After an auto accident, there are a number of processes that many people will be subjected to.

For example, you will need to get records from your medical practitioners to benefit your court case and you may even have to schedule time off work to recover.

Ultimately, we aim to make that process easier by providing you with expert car accident healthcare.

The benefits of massage for muscular tension have been understood for centuries, but even still it is used as a means of relieving pain and aiding recovery after an injury. At our car accident injury clinics, massage is used for practical reasons, in the sense that it is needed to help aid movement and ease pain. However, it is also used as a therapeutic measure for your physical and emotional comfort too. Accidents can take a real mental toll, as they remind us of how vulnerable we can in dangerous situations. A message can help kick-start the feeling of the healing process, enabling you to fully move on.

Our therapists offer a service that is achieved through hands-on massage techniques. Communication is so important in providing you with the best possible outcome, and so their techniques can be adjusted to your preferences accordingly. Chatting to you throughout to ensure that you are not feeling pain or discomfort is also vital for ensuring that the massage you receive is comfortable and safe. An important factor in massaging clients is the ability to spot painful trigger points, which can be particularly revealing about the nature of your injuries.

One of our clinic’s biggest goals for patients is to avoid the need for surgery when possible. With some auto accident injuries, all that is needed is a course of massage treatments and physical therapies. For example, one of the most popular treatments at our clinics is chiropractic massage.

These are found to be incredibly effective for accident injuries. Spinal manipulation and massage is used to ease neck and back pain. Realigning the spinal column is incredibly useful for improving your general spinal movement and easing complaints that are related to the musculoskeletal system.

One of the reasons why accidents can be so taxing on our patient’s and mental wellbeing, is that there’s also a legal side to the proceedings. Knowing that you will have to successfully prove your innocence in the ordeal and demonstrate to a judge that you were indeed in pain after the incident can be emotionally very taxing. This is why we are always more than happy to help with recommending you good and efficient personal injury lawyers for this part of the process.

We work closely with local accident attorneys, as they will inevitably need medical records. You can rely on us to provide a reliable reference to an experienced lawyer, as this will certainly be one that we would be comfortable working with.

If it’s not a fully-qualified neurosurgeon or orthopaedic surgeon providing your assessment, then you can guarantee that every practitioner that sees you will be fully-licensed. These practitioners will be providing a very personalized approach to your treatment plan, and so we always want to ensure that they have the qualifications to support their achievements.

The reason for this is that our therapists will be working with patients who are in real physical pain. We want to guarantee that a practitioner is fully-qualified to tailor their approach in treatment, and get the best possible result for that patient.

As well as our chiropractic care and massage treatments, we can offer a wide range of therapies. These therapies are often very specific, which means, of course, that they can be ideal for patients with very specific complaints. For example, we have heat-based therapies for those who are struggling with issues with inflammation or arthritis pain. Similarly, for those who need a specific pain targeted, we can offer trigger point injections or vibration massages. Both of these work in a specific area to relieve pain. However, the latter is slightly more invasive, as it pin-points the muscle with anaesthetic (or anaesthetic and steroids).

Florida is a useful state to live in if you have experienced a serious traffic collision, as its laws encourage victims to go and seek medical assistance within a fortnight of the incident. We will help you to not only get a medical exam to identify the source of your pain, but to also provide incredibly specific injury treatment.

We work with some of Florida’s best car accident injury doctors and practitioners to ensure and maintain professionalism as well as ongoing trust and dependability.

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