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Accident Clinic Pembroke Pines

Accidents are horrible life events that can make everyday activities incredibly difficult because of the debilitating injuries caused by them. When you suffer from an accident, you may be unable to participate in doing tasks that you enjoy, which can make you sad. To get back to your original strength and good health, you can receive comprehensive medical care through the support of an interdisciplinary team that has a well-rounded approach to accidental injuries. Our team comprises orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractic physicians, neurosurgeons, massage therapists, and emergency care physicians. Find out how our certified team of medical professionals can help you overcome your disabling or painful injuries. Call Icon Medical Centers in Pembroke Pines today to find out where you can get started.

Accident Clinic Pembroke Pines Accident Clinic Pembroke Pines Accident Clinic Pembroke Pines

Common Types Of Accidental Injuries

Traumatic accidents can cause many injuries, ranging from light wounds to deeply penetrating injuries.

Neck Pain

After a bad shock to the body due to falling or getting hit, the neck muscles can become strained due to the impact. Neck pain can be caused by a pinched nerve, herniated disc, muscle sprain, and other injuries.

Back Pain

Like neck pain, back pain can be caused by injuries that cause the back muscles to become sore and tense. Sprains and strains can occur in the lower back, leading to chronic pain that can be fatigued.

Broken Bones

Shattered, broken, and fractured bones are common in more severe accidents caused by an automobile accident, although they also occur due to workplace injuries and premises liability. Broken bones can happen in any part of the body but mostly in the arms, legs, wrists, and ankles. Chest bones such as the clavicle and ribs are also commonly fractured because the chest is an open area that is often hit on impact.

Soft Tissue Damage

This form of damage is often hidden and hard to detect and occurs in the body’s tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues. You may not feel a soft tissue injury at first, but it later can grow into a deeply painful wound worsened by repetitive movements.


Bruises are the most common injury and often happen even if there is no wound. They show up as dark blue and black spots that can be seen through the skin. These injuries are sore to the touch and can make moving incredibly difficult. Bruises can also happen to internal organs and even the brain, which is why you should still get a checkup even if you think you are fine.


Deep cuts can go down to your bone and result in large amounts of bleeding. Lacerations can also cause nerve damage and infection when they go untreated. Scarring is also common, but scar wounds can be reduced the sooner you receive treatment.

Head Injury

One of the most life-threatening injuries includes head wounds, mainly because they can result in a traumatic brain injury. Head injuries aren’t limited to the brain, but can also include the loss of sight, hearing, and facial disfiguration. Traumatic brain injuries are serious because they can cause permanent disability and cognitive dysfunction.


Dislocations are incredibly painful and prevent you from having proper mobility. You can suffer from a dislocated shoulder, hip joint, or knee, which stops you from being able to lift, move, or walk. Other areas that can suffer from dislocated joints are fingers, wrists, ankles, and toes.

Nerve Damage

Severe nerve damage can lead up to a loss of sensation, paralysis, numbness, tingling, and other forms of discomfort. You may be struggling with nerve damage that causes a disability, but this can be remedied with the help of physical therapy, massage therapy, and neurosurgery.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Another extremely dangerous injury is a spinal cord injury because there is the risk of paraplegia or hemiplegia. In addition to paralysis, you can also receive injuries such as slipped, ruptured, and bulging discs. Spinal cord injuries can also result in pinched nerves that cause radiating pain and sciatica.

How We Can Help At Icon Medical Centers In Pembroke Pines

Our treatment strategy is to provide wholesome medical care that encompasses all of your medical disorders related to your injury. This includes physical therapy, pain management, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and so much more. When you receive the healthcare treatment you need, you can recover quickly and get back to a healthy and happy way of living. Speak to a certified medical professional about what you’re experiencing and call Icon Medical Centers today.

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