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Are you in pain right now? Are you having trouble with your achieving your full range of motion? Do you find it hard to get about daily, and do all the things you want to do such as work full time, enjoy hobbies, or even sleep easily?

If so, you may need the assistance of our accident care clinic in Pembroke Pines. We can help you with these issues and many more, so don’t hesitate to contact us – the sooner you speak to our expert team, the sooner a bespoke treatment plan can be put in place, and your chronic pain from your accident or injury can be a thing of the past.

Just imagine how it would feel to have your life back on track, moving forward again rather than standing still and not having any options. It would be everything you want in life, and you can have it when you come to our accident care clinic in Pembroke Pines. You would no longer be limited to what your pain told you you could do.

Icon Medical Centers’ Mission

When we first set up our accident care clinic in Pembroke Pines, we had one mission in mind, one goal that we wanted to aim for at all times. This mission was to help as many people as possible, offering them hope when they had given up, and giving them their lives back when they thought they were going to be in pain forever.

We have been able to stick to this goal and continue in our mission over the years, assisting many hundreds of people to have happy, healthy lives once more.

It makes no difference whether you’re suffering from a whiplash injury, a bulging or herniated disc, back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain and extremities that you felt after an accident, but that has no definite cause. We treat each accident injury as it comes to us, and we ensure we carry out as much of an investigation as we can to ensure we know what the issues really is. Even if you have pain headaches, scheduling an appointment with us is a wise decision.

Once we have done this, our incredibly proficient team of osteopathic doctors can create an individually tailored treatment plan that covers every aspect of your care, from the chiropractic treatment itself to pain management and everything you need to know about how to stay safe when you’re out of our care. Our accident care clinic in Pembroke Pines is set up to treat everyone and everything, so if you need us, get in touch.

The Icon Team

Our team really is at the heart of everything we do at our accident care clinic in Pembroke Pines. We value every single member, and we know that without them, we wouldn’t be able to help the people we want to help. You can rest assured that everyone working for Icon Medical Centers is vastly qualified, highly trained, and has a lot of experience in helping people just like you.

If you think our team is just about specialist chiropractic care, you’re half right. We have exceptional chiropractors on board who understand exactly how to manually manipulate the spine to realign it and reduce or eliminate your pain and increase mobility.

Yet other team members are also involved in our treatment plans, and it is this extra help and professionalism that we are so proud of in our accident care clinic in Pembroke Pines. You see, as well as licensed chiropractors, we have a variety of surgeons. We have emergency medical doctors. We have massage therapists and physical therapists.

Icon Medical Centers can take care of your treatment from beginning to end, with no need to go anywhere but our accident care clinic in Pembroke Pines. So if you’ve been involved in a car accident and have auto injuries or your sustained sports injuries while out and about in Pembroke Pines, our team can help. Seek our help in the first 14 days of the accident to ensure your insurance company will provide you with the compensation you deserve.

What Does A Chiropractor Do?

If you don’t know what a chiropractor does, you might not know that we can help you get better and feel less pain, so it’s vital you understand more about chiropractic treatments. You might be surprised at the kind of help we can offer.

A chiropractor mainly works on the spine. If the spine is even slightly out of alignment, it can cause pain and muscle tension. It can even cause mobility issues. After an auto accident, the spine can easily have moved, and movement by even something as smaller as a millimeter can do all kinds of damage.

With our expert training and knowledge, we can re-set the spine, putting it back where it is meant to be, giving you immediate relief. What’s even more wonderful about this treatment is that chiropractic care is non-invasive and natural, so everyone can benefit from it.

If you’re unsure how the experts at Icon Medical Centers’ accident care clinic in Pembroke Pines might be able to help you, please call us and simply ask. We would be happy to talk through your options and explain how you can get great pain relief.

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