Physical Therapy for Football Injuries

There are many benefits to playing football, such as improving overall health, building muscle strength, and promoting teamwork. However, the sport can also lead amateur and professional athletes to sustain a variety of injuries. Common football injuries can include muscle strain, Achilles tendonitis, hamstring strain, shin splints, rotator cuff strain, and more. While some complaints could ease following time and rest, others might require physical therapy. That is where Icon Medical Centers, an accident clinic in Miami, can help. Accident care clinics like Icon Medical help people recover from many different types of injuries, and football injuries are no exception.

Common Causes of Football Injuries

A football injury could force a player to spend a long amount of time on the bench. It could potentially take many weeks or months to recover from an injury. Some injuries could even result in players missing multiple seasons or could sadly destroy entire sporting careers.

Common causes of football injuries can often include:

  • An inadequate warm-up
  • A lack of conditioning
  • Poor training methods
  • Overuse
  • Fatigue

Players could experience an injury during a game, when performing training exercises, or when embarking on various fitness activities. Because time is important when addressing injuries, visiting a doctor, physical therapist or auto injury doctor near you is important.

Though it may seem odd to include, an accident therapy clinic does have plenty of experience dealing with many injuries. That includes most football injuries.

Some injuries, like broken bones, obviously need medical care. But many hip, back, and neck pain could be relieved by visiting an accident chiropractor. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to find a clinic that has experience in back pain, hip pointer, and whiplash treatment in Miami.

The Physical Therapy Benefits

Physical therapy will help to rebuild a player’s strength and range of movement following an injury. It could help them to recover their previous level of function and return to the field at a faster pace. What’s more, it can also help with pain management and prevent recurring issues or permanent damage.

Regular physical therapy sessions can help a patient maintain an active lifestyle. That can help them remain in excellent health while they’re off the field. Plus, it can prevent a patient from experiencing further injury that could slow down their recovery.

Experienced Physical Therapists

Our physical therapists are 100% committed to helping patients successfully recover from an injury. To reduce pain, increase flexibility, and rebuild any lost strength, a physical therapist will teach various exercises, stretches, and techniques. These could help the patient recover from their injury at a faster rate or manage a chronic condition.

A Physical Therapy Program

Once a physical therapist understands a patient’s injury or condition, they will build a program to help them recover. Possible components they can incorporate into a program might include:

  • Stretching exercises to increase flexibility
  • Walking exercises to improve coordination, balance, and capability of bearing weight
  • Resistance and core exercises to boost strength

It is also likely our experienced physical therapists will devise a home-based exercise routine. That helps patients work on the above methods at home.

In addition to the above traditional physical therapy tactics, physical therapy could also reduce any pain and swelling with:

  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Manual therapy – chiropractic care or massage therapy
  • Electrical stimulation therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy

There is no simple approach to physical therapy. Our talented therapists will customize a program to match a patient’s specific needs. What’s more, they will physically challenge them to increase their range of motion and rebuild lost strength. By doing so, our patients could quickly recover from an unwanted injury and restore their quality of life.

Reduce the Need for Surgery

Surgery isn’t always necessary after a football injury. In fact, physical therapy could decrease the likelihood of surgery; it could be viewed as a natural form of pain relief. By improving balance and mobility while ending or reducing pain, many patients can often recover without the need for surgery. A customized program from a qualified accident therapy clinic can reduce the pain connected to an injury.

Our Physical Therapy Clinic

At Icon Medical Centers, we understand the importance of rehabilitation for weak or damaged muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Doing so can reduce pain, improve flexibility, and build strength. Accident chiropractic care can significantly reduce the recovery time a person would need after suffering a football injury. Our patients can rest assured they will receive treatment from a highly trained osteopathic doctor in Miami who wants to help them recover.

Act Quickly

Most athletes are filled with passion, focus, and ambition to win. As a result, they are more likely to push through any physical pain they are feeling. This is natural, as they will be eager to play on the football field.

However, ignoring a physical complaint can cause a football player to worsen an injury. That could lead to more time watching a game from the sidelines instead of playing. To reach your sporting goals, you must never ignore any symptoms of a physical injury, which could include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Physical deformities
  • Crunching or popping sounds
  • Weakness

If you suspect you have a serious sports injury, don’t ignore it. Some pain, like serious leg and arm injuries, is impossible to ignore. Lower back pain will be painful and crippling enough to force a search for back pain therapy near you. For less obvious injuries, though, ignoring them can be costly.

Reach out to our helpful team at an Icon Medical Centers accident chiropractor near you. They will design an effective program to help you on the road to recovery. Ultimately, they will help lead you back to the football field, maybe sooner than you thought possible.

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