Accident Clinic Pompano

Accident Clinic Pompano

It’s important to get healthcare treatment after a terrifying accident has negatively impacted you so that you can efficiently recover. When dealing with a personal injury, you may feel overwhelmed and are worried about this negative event impacting your life. During this difficult situation, you should seek the help of a professional medical team that can inform you about your medical injuries and helps you overcome complex wounds after an unexpected personal injury. You can get diagnosed, learn about your injuries, learn what approaches to take, and what our certified medical team can do for you. Find out more information and speak to Icon Medical Centers in Pompano to learn more about the process in an initial consultation.

Accident Clinic Pompano Accident Clinic Pompano Accident Clinic Pompano

What Is A Personal Injury?

A personal injury occurs when you are harmed in some way due to another’s negligent actions. They often result in severe injuries that can create a lasting effect on your life. You may be suffering from several wounds that make daily living difficult for you. These unexpected accidents can be traumatic and set you back healthwise, so speaking to an expert medical team is in your best interest. For example, personal injuries caused by car accidents can be catastrophic because fast-moving or large vehicles can create massive amounts of damage. Car accident injuries are often a combination of lacerations, bruising, muscle sprains, and other wounds. There is also the risk of internal organ damage due to piercing objects and being hit with a blunt force, such as your steering wheel.

Here are some common personal injuries that you may have encountered:

Orthopedic Injuries

These injuries typically occur to the musculoskeletal system. This can occur when you have a torn rotator cuff, ankle and foot sprains, torn ACLs, torn meniscus, wrist fractures, dislocated shoulder joints, etc. Personal injuries that deal with slip and fall, workplace, and athletic accidents typically cause orthopedic injuries to occur. In the case of an emergency, such as a spinal injury, vascular injuries, pelvic fractures, joint dislocations, and open fractures, you will likely need orthopedic surgery.

Neck Injury

You may have experienced a severe neck injury that resulted in chronic pain. Your neck injury can be due to whiplash, fractures in the cervical bone, neck sprains, herniated discs, and more. This is one of the most common injuries that can happen during a personal injury incident because your neck muscles often get strained when you fall and hit the ground.

Back Injury

Back injuries can happen in almost any type of accident because your back typically absorbs the shock of a fall or heavy impact. Most back injuries are due to strains and sprains to the back muscle. But they can also occur because of a spinal injury. Spinal cord disks can begin to bulge or become herniated. There is also the chance that you experienced a fractured vertebra. This can cause muscle weakness, tingling, and even numbness in the back region and your limbs.

Traumatic Head Injuries

You may have hit your head hard enough to cause a concussion or suffer from internal bruising. Even though your skull protects your brain, you may still be at risk of a hematoma or hemorrhaging because of your accident. In extreme cases, you may have had your head pierced by an object, causing severe bleeding.

Internal Organ Injuries

Organs are especially vulnerable to being wounded when external objects pierce them. Internal bleeding can be caused by fractured ribs that turn inwards and can shred the tissue of your organs. Other examples include punctured lungs that can collapse and put your life at risk.

What Should I Do After I’ve Been Injured?

After being in a terrible accident, you should immediately see a doctor even if you feel alright. It is best to get an imaging scan to help diagnose all of the issues you may have experienced because of your personal injury. You can receive the best medical help, including physical therapy, chiropractic care, pain management, massage therapy, and more. Don’t delay your treatment and see a doctor to prevent your condition from worsening.

Find Out More On How To Get The Treatment You Need

When you deal with difficult pain and lingering issues after your personal injury or recently was harmed due to a miserable accident, you should get a physical from a highly educated doctor. Our medical team is all certified professionals that specialize in accidental injuries. You can speak to a healthcare team that knows exactly what you are experiencing. Talk to Icon Medical Centers to get a consultation.

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