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Professional Pain and Injury Clinic

Professional Pain and Injury Clinic

When you are in pain or suffering with an injury, then visiting a pain and injury clinic is the best way forward. It is dangerous to rely too heavily on pain medication, which means the only option ahead of you is to seek medical rehabilitation through physical and chiropractic care.

Here at Icon Medical Centers, we can provide a full, comprehensive recovery plan designed just for you and your needs. It starts with a consultation with a member of our medical team. We have several medical doctors on board, including our Medical Director, Edward Lucas, an MD and emergency physician, as well as our neurosurgeon, Dr. Anthony Hall, who are here to ensure you get the best possible treatment for your chronic pain or accident injury.

Professional Pain and Injury Clinic Professional Pain and Injury Clinic Professional Pain and Injury Clinic

Types of Injuries We Can Treat

We offer physical therapy for those suffering from auto accident injuries, workplace accident injuries, slip and fall injuries, and more. You will have a great experience with our dedicated team and can start your recovery today. Just schedule an appointment online or on the phone with our pain and injury clinic team, and you will be well on your way to enjoying effective treatment designed just for you.

Auto Accident Injuries

One of the types of injuries that we see often are those that were caused in an auto accident. We can help old and new injuries alike as soon as you book an appointment with our licensed chiropractor and physical therapy team, but it is important to note that if you want your auto insurance to cover your care, it must be done within 14 days of the accident.

Your insurance company must, by law, cover your health care within this timeframe. You could have been the at-fault driver, or innocent. In Florida you are guaranteed that coverage following an accident.

Workplace Accident Injuries

Your chiropractor in Florida can also help you if you have new, or old acute low back pain from a workplace accident. Chiropractic adjustment can help those who have had items fall on them, who have been in an accident with broken machinery, and more. We can help almost any type of workplace accident injury with our wide range of services.

Sports Accident Injuries

Another type of injury that your Florida chiropractor has seen many times are sports accident injuries. If you have been injured out on the pitch, on the waves, or anywhere else, it is highly recommended that you get urgent medical rehabilitation from our team. We can help you regain flexibility and strength, so you can continue to enjoy the sport that you love.

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Chronic pain can be devastating, and you deserve more than just the option of pain management to deal with the pain and side effects of your chronic condition. That is why many of the treatments we provide are designed specifically to provide effective, holistic pain management to those with conditions such as:

Building the Perfect Treatment Plan for You

We wouldn’t be one of the best pains and injury clinics in Florida if we couldn’t provide comprehensive care and treatment. When you start your treatment with us, we will work to create a custom, personalized treatment plan for you from our huge list of treatments:

1. Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is one of our main offerings here at our pain and injury clinic. We can provide the necessary spinal adjustments using a variety of very popular techniques, so you can receive the care you need regardless of whether you would benefit from a hard hand or a gentle touch.

2. Massage Therapy

Feel absolutely incredible with a deep tissue or a Swedish massage and improve the healing rate of the affected areas at the same time. Massages work to stimulate circulation to the affected area, which allows the body to send white blood cells and oxygen to the affected area and improve your recovery.

3. Physical Therapy

We offer a huge range of options when it comes to physical therapy.

  • EMS Therapy
  • Hot/Cold Therapy
  • Infrared Therapy
  • Paraffin Wax Therapy
  • Mechanical Traction Therapy

4. Pain Management

Pain management cannot always occur through physical manipulations alone. That being said, we don’t want you to immediately have to go back to your pain medication or to even up the dose to handle your pain. Our pain management experts are doctors who specialize in pain management injections, and they can help you quell the hurt at the source.

Start Your Recovery Today at our Pain and Injury Clinic

It doesn’t matter if you have been dealing with pain for years, or you are recovering from a recent car accident – we can help. You will be more than satisfied with the service we provide guaranteed. All you need to start your treatment with our medical team, chiropractic physician, and specialists is to make an appointment online today. We will guide you through the rest.