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Auto accident injuries are not something to take lightly. They can cause serious pain and can even result in chronic issues like acute low back pain. Though you have 14 days after your car accident to seek medical treatment and have that treatment covered by your auto insurance, we can still help if you want to start treatment later on.

Perhaps the care you received after your auto accident wasn’t enough, and you have been living with that accident injury for a while. Perhaps you have chronic conditions that were caused or worsened by the accident.

We take your health care seriously, which is why we offer so much more than just a talented chiropractic physician when you make an appointment online or by phone with us. We are run and managed by a board-certified emergency room physician. We also have a neurosurgeon and pain management physicians on board to help diagnose you after your accident for any underlying problems, and to direct your recovery treatment.

This combined approach that puts medical expertise with physical therapy and chiropractic adjustment is what sets us apart and will have you 100% satisfied with the service that you receive.

When you schedule an appointment, you’ll get a medical check-up, and then start your own personal treatment plan. This will include chiropractic adjustment, the best physical therapy treatments to suit you, the chance to enjoy pain management injections and to round out your great experience, massages from a licensed massage therapist.

Chiropractic Care and its Benefits

Chiropractic care offers many different benefits. For one, it can help address pain right at its source. This includes chronic pain like those who have osteoporosis. Your licensed chiropractor can work to relieve the pain in just a few quick sessions and leave you feeling great.

To understand how chiropractic care works, you need to understand what causes spinal back pain in the first place. There are two main causes of pain when it comes to the spine. One, the spine is shifted out of place and cannot hold your weight properly, meaning that your own body’s weight is putting pressure along your spine and causing spine.

The second way your spine can cause pain is if it pinches a nerve. When this happens, you may feel the heat, cold, tingling, and of course, pain.

Slipped discs, herniated discs, whiplash, and more are all serious problems that don’t tend to go away on their own, or if they do, take a very long time. That is why your Florida chiropractor is so essential, but only after getting the green light from our doctors. If you have a brain injury, or there is serious damage to your spine, then you must allow that to heal first.

Can lymphatic drainage massage help me recover from cosmetic surgery?

Swelling is a normal reaction to cosmetic surgery as your body is attempting to heal itself from an invasive procedure. However, certain cosmetic surgeries can disrupt the natural course of your lymphatic system, resulting in prolonged swelling and increased lymphatic fluid in a particular area of your body.  

Cosmetic surgeries that may benefit from a lymphatic drainage massage treatment include:

  •         Liposuction
  •         Tummy tucks
  •         Breast augmentation
  •         Rhinoplasty
  •         Face lift

If you have undergone a surgical cosmetic procedure, our lymphatic drainage massage can help:

  •         Reduce swelling
  •         Reduce bruising
  •         Prevent scar tissue
  •         Fight off infection
  •         Ease pain or discomfort
  •         Speed up the healing process

If you have any questions about how we can help you recover from cosmetic surgery, please contact us here today.

Physical Therapy and its Benefits

Physical therapy works to reduce stiffness, improve circulation, and heal your body at a deeper level. It can help with joint pain, back pain, muscle pain and more. We have so many different physical therapy treatments as well, so you can explore our offerings and work out what works best for you and your injury.

Auto accidents can cause a huge range of injuries, and physical therapy works to address the injuries that chiropractic care simply cannot.

Massage Therapy and its Benefits

Massage therapy is a great treatment that works well with physical therapy. Instead of using heat or other tactics to get down to the muscles, licensed therapists will work your muscles using careful ministrations. In doing this, they will be able to reduce stiffness and boost circulation, all while being careful not to aggravate your injuries.

It’s the ultimate wellness treatment. Not only does it help with your injuries, but you can finally get rid of those muscle knots and enjoy the great feeling of a massage.

Medical Pain Management and its Benefits

If you need targeted pain management solution, then we have several injections that will do the trick. Board-certified pain management physicians handle these so that you will be in the best hands from start to finish.

They will go through the options with you and work out which injection will suit you best. All you need is, to be honest with them, and to decide if the injection is right for you. If it is they will perform the injection to the injured area.

Start Your Treatment with an Exceptional Auto Accident Chiropractor Today

We are the best chiropractor in Florida because we offer so much more than chiropractic care. If you need urgent medical rehabilitation or are looking for a holistic pain management solution for a new lasting injury or disability, it is highly recommended you book an appointment and start treatment with our team today.

Go through your insurance company, or your auto insurance provider, and get the treatment you need to finally enjoy relief and recovery at the hands of medical experts.

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