October 7, 2019

Sport Injury

How to Recover Quickly from a Sporting Injury

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A sporting injury is serious. It doesn’t matter whether you play professionally or recreationally. For the sake of your health, you need to take your injury seriously and do all you can to minimize pain, speed up recovery, and of course, prevent similar injuries from ever happening again.

Immediate Steps You Should Take

To help reduce the impact of a sports injury, you should take a few key steps right from the start.

1. Ice It

Icing the injury will help reduce inflammation, and therefore help keep pain at a manageable level. Inflammation can also make healing more difficult.

2. Compress It

Compression is another excellent way to reduce inflammation and to help manage pain without the use of pain medication.

3. Elevate It

By elevating it, you can help keep the fluids out of your injury and therefore reduce inflammation and pain.

4. See a Doctor

Depending on the injury, you will want to see a sports injury doctor. If you experience chronic pain that lasts more than two days without abating, do yourself a favor and contact your Miami accident doctor or accident chiropractor in Miami for a diagnosis.

How to Improve Rehabilitation Recovery Time

Serious injuries that need medical intervention can take a long time to heal. Hamstring sprains, for example, can take six to twelve months to recover from, due to the fact that walking, standing, and going about your day-to-day activities will only frustrate the injury. In extreme cases, it will lead to another sprain.

That is why, on top of visiting your sports injury doctor to get a diagnosis, you should also contact a specialty clinic like ours.

1. Work With a Dedicated Sports Injury Rehabilitation Center

Icon Medical is a dedicated injury rehabilitation center that will help create a custom recovery plan for your sporting injury. We have the best of the best on board and can offer a wide range of therapies from holistic, to medical, to psychological, to help you heal and learn how to manage pain without over-relying on pain medication.

2. Commit to Physiotherapy

You need to be completely committed to your rehabilitation plan, which means listening to the at-home recommendations and always trying to be on time for appointments.

3. Improve Your Diet and Lifestyle

Quit smoking, improve your diet, and try to stay active. These will help give your body the tools it needs to improve its regenerative abilities.

4. Take it Slow

Though this may seem counter-intuitive to recovering quickly, the fact is that there is no way to speed up your body’s natural healing rate. You can give it all that it needs to heal well and heal correctly, but if you try to speed up the process unnaturally, you only run the risk of hurting yourself further.

Hamstring sprains, for example, can take from six to twelve months to recover from, but even then many injure themselves further during this time because they continue to walk and push themselves too far.

Let your body heal and follow the physical therapist’s recommendations so that you heal and don’t relapse. Sports injuries can cause serious damage, so take them seriously during your recovery.

If you have sustained a sports injury, you need to see an accident chiropractor in Miami or sports injury doctor who is qualified to diagnose your injury and provide a treatment plan to get you back on the field. Our personal injury clinics have all the medical professionals you need for medical treatment and physical therapy in Hollywood or Miami, FL.