Riverside Opening in Brickell this Summer

Just in time for the height of Brickell’s balmy hot Summer, a brand-new destination for eating, drinking and socializing is launching our way.

Combining the perfect mix of outdoor and indoor space comes the Riverside development, a 120,000 square foot venue scheduled to open late July 2019. Its waterfront views are set to create an exclusive oasis feel, adding that touch of tranquility and calm in the middle of the Brickell concrete jungle.

The development will sit in between South Miami Avenue and Fifth Street, playing home to six different restaurants, a taproom, beer garden, cafe, and an event space for community use.

One of the wow features locals will be excited to discover includes a waterfront boardwalk connecting the venue to Brickell Avenue. The boardwalk along the South Miami Avenue Bridge will also be adorned with art installations by Jeffrey Barone, making admiring the views that little bit more special.

The launch of the Riverside development will put Brickell on the map for a more diverse gastronomy offering, as two full-service restaurants are expected to launch. The first restaurant is Awa, dedicated to delicious Asian cuisine. The second restaurant will be a high-end steakhouse. Alongside these will sit more of the casual diners which suit the grab-and-go customer, such as Old Lisbon, Le Chick and Morgan’s.

For those who appreciate quality beers, Miami River Brewery will be setting up home at this new development, offering craft beer on tap with a rotation of specialty beers. Beer drinkers can expect local collaborations and seasonable brews to be enjoyed in the outdoor beer garden, spacious air-conditioned marquees or even indoors – as we all know Miami summers can get very hot!

Visitors will be able to travel to Riverside to experience its amenities by car, boat or Metromover. Upon arrival, those visiting will be set to be impressed with its striking entrance of over 120 native Florida trees and new vegetation.

Bringing a new lease of life to Brickell, the industrial look and atmosphere of Riverside will be combined with laid-back hotspots and tropical characteristics. The development is aimed to fit in perfectly with trend-forward Miami yet delivering something a little more unique for the neighborhood.

The striking appearance of the new development and stylish architecture is set to slot in place with the fast-paced life that Brickell hosts. That aside, visitors will be able to reap the benefits of a more sophisticated choice when it comes to drinking and dining establishments, combined with entertainment, art installations, and event spaces.

Riverside will be open daily for lunch and dinner, putting more options on the agenda for those who appreciate food and drink. The venue will be family-friendly and open to the public, catering to meet a wide range of needs throughout the daytime and into the evening.

You will be able to locate Riverside at 431 South Miami Ave., Miami, opening July 2019.

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