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Sciatica is a painful condition that comes and goes, but when it’s there, it can take over completely. The pain and other sensations you feel are distracting, and unfortunately, the regular recommendation of resting in these cases does not apply. Medical advice highly recommends that you stay mobile and that you invest in physical therapy as part of your health care regimen, as well as taking anti-inflammatory pain relief.

Here at Icon Medical Centers, we will work to create a customized package just for your acute sciatica. We aim to make you beyond satisfied with the service that we provide, regardless of whether you developed your sciatica over time or if it is part of your auto accident injuries after a car accident.

We are here for you, so whether you need chiropractic adjustment or a physical therapist, Icon Medical Centers is the only place you need to visit. 

Sciatica Treatment at Icon Medical Centers

Develop sciatic nerve pain after an auto accident, or due to a slipped or herniated disk? We work with all types of insurance providers to provide you with the help you need with your accident injury. Our experience means that you get the most out of your insurance company and our care. We believe that to benefit the most from our services, and you need to be stress-free and entirely dedicated to your rehabilitation.

So, if you are part of a compensation claim after a bad slip and fall accident, or a workplace compensation claim, we can help. All you need to get started with a licensed chiropractor at Icon Medical Centers is to book an appointment.

Understanding Sciatica

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back to your feet, is inflamed, irritated, or compressed. This typically happens because of a slipped or herniated disc, but it is not permanent. That being said, it can cause serious discomfort and pain, and sitting down and resting it will not help. You need to stay active, and ideally, enjoy physical therapy to reduce the timeframe and make yourself more comfortable.

Sciatica Symptoms


If you have sciatica, you may experience acute low back pain, as well as pain, tingling, numbness, or weakness running from your lower back to your toes. The nerve itself travels along the back of your leg so that you will feel the discomfort there, rather than the front. Typically, if you move, sneeze, cough, or do any other minor movement, the symptoms get worse. If you experience these symptoms in just one side, then schedule an appointment with Icon Medical at either our Hollywood or Miami locations.

Knowing What Type of Treatment to Get for Your Sciatica

If you experience your sciatica pain in both legs, however, this is a sign of something much more serious and that you need urgent medical attention at a hospital. Symptoms in both legs is indicative of a very serious back problem that needs to be addressed in the hospital.

You may also notice that the numbness has spread to the pelvic region, or you start to lose control and function over your waste when you need to go to the bathroom. Having sciatica symptoms on both sides at once, however, is more than enough to warrant going to the hospital.

Treatment Options for Sciatica

Thankfully, the sciatica treatments options are varied and very straightforward. They can be uncomfortable to start – especially the exercises – but staying moving and using these sciatica treatment options will help you speed up your recovery and get back to doing what you love.

Try to seek out the professional help of a chiropractic physician as soon as you can. If you experience this pain after an auto accident, try to make that timeframe within 14 days, as this will ensure that your auto insurance covers your care.

Regular Sciatica Exercises

There are sciatica treatment exercises and stretches for you to do at home. You can either look these up and follow along with video tutorials, or you can learn how to continue your stretches at home after you visit our Hollywood or Miami chiropractor.

Chiropractic Adjustments

For a great experience and to kickstart your pain management, you will want to invest in chiropractic care for your sciatica. They work to adjust your spine back into proper alignment and remove pressure from the sciatic nerve in your lower back.

Physical Therapy

When you seek medical treatment, you want more than just one option, which is why we offer several options for sciatica treatment:

  • Hot and Cold Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Mechanical Traction Therapy
  • Infrared Heat Therapy

Book Your Appointment Today and Say Goodbye to Your Sciatica

Book your appointment online today and say goodbye the to the chronic pain that sciatica can bring. Enjoy top-notch sciatica treatment from a chiropractor in Hollywood or Miami, and never look back. You don’t need to suffer through your sciatica pain, instead, visit us and we will help you address the source of the issue, together.

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