Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Treating Shoulder Impingement Syndrome with Chiropractic Care

Shoulder pain can be the result of a variety of conditions. One of the most common is Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. This is when a tendon in your shoulder either catches or rubs against the tissues and bone in your arm as you lift it. What this does is affect your rotator cuff tendon, and that can lead to an ongoing issue that limits your mobility and causes undue pain and stress.

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

At Icon Medical Centers in Miami Fl, we can help to alleviate the pain and discomfort of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome and ensure that the condition does not worsen. If you are suffering from shoulder pain and you are unsure of the reason, then diagnosis and treatment are essential.

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There are variations in the way that Shoulder Impingement Syndrome can present itself. In some patients, the pain will come on suddenly and without warning, while for others, the build-up of pain will be slow and gradual. The main symptoms of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome include:

  • A painful sensation in the outer side or top of your shoulder
  • More intense pain whenever you lift your arm (more noticeable the higher you lift it)
  • An aching sensation or steady development of pain at night
  • A general weakness in your arm that you have not noticed before

Often, Shoulder Impingement Syndrome is confused for a frozen shoulder. However, the difference is that a frozen shoulder will usually result in a stiffness of the arm that is not present in Shoulder Impingement Syndrome.

Every time that you lift your arm, the rotator cuff tendon will pass through the subacromial space (this is the narrow gap that is found at the top of your shoulder). You will develop Shoulder Impingement Syndrome if the tendon catches on the bone that is located at the top of the subacromial space. Touching or rubbing against this bone is more likely if:

  • You have a tendon injury that has resulted in inflammation or tearing. This is usually caused by overuse, sporting activities, or sometimes simply due to age and general wear and tear.
  • There is irritation or inflammation of the sac between the bone and tendon (often caused by a specific sporting injury or overuse of the arm)
  • You have pre-existing conditions from birth that have resulted in a flattened or curved acromion
  • You are vulnerable to bone spurs that often develop in older age

It will often require a variety of medical options for the successful treatment of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome. At the Icon Medical Centers in Miami, our team can diagnose and treat your Shoulder Impingement Syndrome with the options that are best suited to you and your lifestyle. Our home care treatment advice will ensure that you do not make the condition worse, with recommendations that will consist of:

  • Activity avoidance while treatment is ongoing
  • Advice about the types of activity that you will be able to do
  • Medication for improved pain management

Light shoulder impingement syndrome exercises are often the most effective means of treating the condition. Our qualified physical therapists will treat your condition with practical but light exercises that will strengthen your muscles, improve the posture of your shoulders, and work on your overall movement range. A combination of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment can alleviate the symptoms of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome but can also reduce the risks of repeated instances.

If you have experienced Shoulder Impingement Syndrome before, or it is something that you are at high risk of, then there are some effective ways of avoiding the potential of it. While the causes of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome can be many, it is most commonly seen in those that play sports. Pitchers and catchers are especially susceptible. The good news is that there some preventive strategies that can not only help you to avoid Shoulder Impingement Syndrome in the first place but also limit the reoccurrence of it. Make sure that you are aware of the following:

  • Smart Training: If you push your body too hard, then you will damage it. The leading cause of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome is overexertion of the arm and shoulder. Remember to warm up your muscles and your tendons before you start the more rigorous part of your workout, or before a game starts.
  • Muscle Imbalance: Instability is a key cause of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, as the body naturally tries to balance and compensate, even when the muscles of an arm or shoulder are not efficiently developed. Mirror your workout routines so that for every push exercise, there is a pull exercise to compensate and ensure balance.
  • Posture: Our chiropractors and physical therapists will be able to provide you with a range of posture exercises that will lessen the pain of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome but can also avoid it occurring in the first place.

If you have experienced a sudden and ongoing pain in your shoulder, or have noticed a gradual development of pain, then contact the team at Icon Medical Centers in Miami today. Together, we can identify the causes of your pain and get you on the road to recovery quickly, easily, and with minimal disruption of your healthy lifestyle.