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Icon Medical Centers is an Accident Clinic in Miami that is dedicated to providing medical treatment and rehabilitation to accident victims.

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Have you had a slip and fall accident in Little Haiti? Contact our slip and fall accident clinic in Miami FL today!

Did you know that slip and falls accidents are the leading cause of brain injury in the U.S?

However, many people who experience a slip and fall accident do not realize the full extent of their injuries and often refuse immediate medical assistance as they believe themselves to be unhurt.

Brain injuries can have lingering and long-lasting effects that can negatively impact all aspects of your life, with severe cases causing intense physical trauma, on-going mental fatigue and emotional turmoil.

Here at Icon Medical Centers near Little Haiti, we are passionate about providing the highest possible level of immediate and aftercare for our clients who have been affected by a slip and fall accident in the local area.

Our team of specialized healthcare professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in treating injuries that are commonly associated with slip and fall accidents, including head injuries, fractures, broken bones and neck and back injuries.

We provide on the spot treatment for any injuries that you are suffering with, as well as on-going rehabilitation therapies to ensure that you are completely healed and free from pain when you leave us.

Our accident clinic staff understands that each person’s injuries are different and that their treatment requirements will also be different, and that is why we ensure that all members of our team collaborate to create a structured and bespoke care plan for you.

If you, or a loved one, has had a slip and fall accident in Little Haiti and need treatment, aftercare, support or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us here today. Our dedicated and highly trained team of customer service professionals are waiting for your call and will deal with your enquiry sensitively and with complete confidentiality.

What types of rehabilitation therapies do you offer?

We pride ourselves on our high quality and varied rehabilitation treatments and techniques that are scientifically proven to help you overcome injuries that are common in slip and fall accidents.

Our team of Slip and Fall doctors offer support and care in the below areas:

Physical Therapy Physical therapy can help you regain your strength and mobility after a slip and fall accident, and our trained physicians will help create the ideal physical therapy treatment plan for you.

Some of the physical therapies we provide include paraffin bath therapy, ice/heat therapy, infrared therapy, electrical muscle stimulation and neuromuscular re-education.

Chiropractic Care Our team of highly skilled chiropractors use a variety of non-invasive techniques to help you overcome your injuries and manage any pain that you are experiencing as a result of your slip and fall accident.

Our chiropractic techniques include chiropractic adjustment, mechanical traction and osteopathic treatment.

Massage Therapy Massage is highly effective at reducing any pain or discomfort that you may be experiencing as a result of your accident. Our massage techniques work by improving circulation, relaxing your muscles and producing feel-good chemicals in your brain to minimize pain.

Our massage therapists offer a wide range of different massage techniques including lymphatic drainage massage, Swedish massage and vibration massage.

Pain Management Slip and fall accident injuries can cause significant and ongoing pain and discomfort, so you must investigate a variety of pain management and pain treatments options.

Our pain management doctors offer trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections and facet block injections.

Should I go to a Clinic for a Slip and Fall in Miami?

You may be tempted to visit your doctor or the local hospital if you have experienced a slip and fall accident in Little Haiti. However, it is much more beneficial for your ongoing health and wellbeing to visit a specialized accident clinic in the local area.

The benefits of visiting our accident clinic in Little Haiti are:

  •         You will receive specialized care. Our team are specifically trained to deal with injuries that are the result of an accident.
  •         You will be dealt with sensitively. We understand how our clients feel after experiencing a slip and fall injury, and all our staff are trained to take care of our clients, both sensitively and confidentially.
  •         You will receive immediate care. No long waiting times or having to fill out extensive forms before you are seen. We will look after you and treat your injuries quickly and effectively.
  •         We provide immediate medical assistance and ongoing rehabilitation. No need to visit various medical centers to get the treatment you need. We deal with all your treatment needs under one roof.
  •         We can help with your compensation case. If you are working with your lawyer to try and claim the compensation you deserve, we will provide any medical documentation or testimonials that you may need to strengthen your case.
  •         We provide bilingual services. If you do not speak English, we offer bilingual services so that you can fully understand what treatment you are being offered and what injuries you have sustained.
  •         Transportation services. We can offer you transport home after your treatment if required.

Call our Slip and Fall Injury Rehab Clinic in Miami FL today, and you could start your treatment as early as tomorrow!

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