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Icon Medical Centers is an Accident Clinic in Miami that is dedicated to providing medical treatment and rehabilitation to accident victims.

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Have you had a slip and fall in Miami Beach? Visit our slip and fall accident clinic in Miami FL today!

Have you or a loved one had a slip and fall injury in Miami Beach that has left you shaken, scared and unsure of the future?

Slip and fall accidents can be a lot more life-changing than people realize, with ongoing health problems a common occurrence.

Here at Icon Medical Centers near Miami Beach, we understand that slip and fall injuries require not only immediate treatment but often ongoing rehabilitation care as well.

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of non-fatal, injury-related hospital admissions in Florida?

Falls are a leading cause of death among Florida residents aged 65 years and over.

Sadly, we cannot prevent these slip and fall accidents from occurring in Miami Beach, but we can ensure that if you do suffer from injuries as a result of a slip and fall accident, that you are provided with the highest level of care and medical treatment to help you recover from your injuries.

We pride ourselves on providing Miami Beach residents with superior treatments that incorporate the most innovative and technologically advanced procedures and products to ensure that your road to recovery is as smooth as it can be.

If you, or a loved one, has had a Miami slip and fall accident and need treatment, aftercare, support or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us here today. Our dedicated and highly trained team of customer service professionals are waiting for your call and will deal with your enquiry sensitively and with complete confidentiality.

Why is it important to seek medical attention at a Slip and Fall injury rehab clinic in Miami FL?

Even if you do not think that you have sustained any physical injuries as a result of your slip and fall accident in Miami Beach, that does not mean that you do not require any immediate or ongoing personal injury treatment.

Many common injuries that are associated with slip and fall accidents such as head or spinal injuries do not show any initial signs of damage. However, this does not mean that you have not suffered any physical trauma due to your accident.

Benefits of visiting an accident clinic such as ours in Miami Beach include:
  •         A thorough examination to determine your exact injuries.
  •         Highly specialized medical professionals that are experienced in dealing with slip and fall-related injuries.
  •         Lessen the likelihood of you experiencing life-long chronic pain as a result of your injuries.
  •         Immediate care after a slip and fall accident can increase your chance of successfully claiming for compensation.
What specific slip and fall injuries do you offer in Miami Beach?

Our team of highly trained specialists which include talented physicians, certified neurosurgeons, chiropractors, licensed massage therapists and orthopedic surgeons can treat all slip and fall-related injuries including:

  •         Head and neck injuries
  •         Spinal injuries
  •         Sprains or fractures
  •         Shoulder injuries
  •         Broken bones
  •         Hip injuries

How can I ensure I recover from a slip and fall injury?

As well as ensuring you obtain the right medical care, there are several processes that you can carry out yourself to ensure that you fully recover from your slip and fall accident.

  1.   Ensure you get the right diagnosis. If you have been to see your doctor or visited your local hospital but are not satisfied with the diagnosis that you have received, then you are well within your rights to seek a second opinion. Our specialist team are experienced and knowledgeable about slip and fall-related injuries and will deal with your case sensitively and appropriately.
  2.   Discuss your preferred recovery methods with your specialist. Once you have established the extent of your injuries, you must be informed and happy with the treatment techniques that you will undertake. If your injuries are severe, you may need a combination of surgical procedures and ongoing rehabilitation treatments, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy.
  3.   Help your body heal faster. If you want your recovery time to be shortened, then you should ensure that your body has the best possible chance of healing quickly. You can help your body achieve this by ensuring that you get enough sleep and eating a varied and healthy diet.
  4.   Manage your symptoms effectively. Pain is a common side effect of a slip and fall accident, and you must discuss pain management treatments with your physician. Dealing with chronic pain can leave you physically and mentally debilitated, but our pain management treatments can significantly lower any pain or discomfort you are experiencing.
  5.   Rest. So simple, yet so many people fail to do this after an accident. If you want your body to heal, then you need to give it time to do so. Resting is a vital component in your recovery process.
  6.   Consider psychological therapy. The effects of a slip and fall accident are not confined to just physical problems. You may find yourself struggling mentally, as well.  A trained psychologist can help you come to terms with your accident and offer coping strategies to overcome any fear you may have.

 If you are wondering if you should go to a clinic for your slip and fall injuries, call our Miami Beach Accident Injury Clinic today, and you could see a slip and fall doctor right away!

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