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Treating Slip and Fall Injuries

A slip and fall accident can cause some seriously painful injuries. Whether you suffered your injuries as a result of a workplace accident or by simply losing your balance, you might be surprised by just how much damage you can potentially come to. Slips and falls often result in injuries that have a lasting effect. While a bag of frozen peas from the freezer can help stem swelling in the short term, you may need some more long-term care to help with more long-term problems.

A slip and fall accident could come as a result of a number of factors; perhaps due to a slippery surface, uneven flooring or general debris and clutter. It can, therefore, be incredibly frustrating to come to harm as a result of other people’s mismanagement of your surroundings.

Benefits of Visiting a Complete Accident Injury Clinic

At our Miami & Hollywood Accident Clinic, our highly experienced team are experts  in treating the following injuries:

Injuries We Treat

Your health and recovery is our #1 priority! At our complete accident injury clinic, our therapists, injury chiropractors, and specialists all work together to provide you with the best recovery program for your accident injuries. 

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Treatments we offer to treat your injuries

We provide the following services to help to recover from your accident injuries.

 Our licensed  Chiropractors are experts in spinal manipulation to treat back pain & neck pain, regardless of the cause.

Our licensed therapists will tailor your therapy program around your specific needs while continuing to challenge you and help you regain your strength and mobility.

Our massage therapists will work through the layers of  the muscles to eliminate any tension and work to improve blood flow on any areas of injury

Your pain relief begins with the evaluation by one of our physicians who understand the complexities of pain. 

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Diagnosing and Treating Slip and Fall injuries at our Complete Injury Clinic

Below are a number of instant and long-term problems that can arise from a slip and fall accident. Some of these are only short-term and will require immediate medical attention, but others may require chiropractic help to assist with alignment and your day-to-day comfort.

Getting a strained muscle could be as a result of twisting as you fall or straining to catch your balance. This can be incredibly painful, particularly when it comes to having to walk on certain limbs that have suffered a bad strain.

Spinal and nerve damage are incredibly common when it comes to slip and fall injuries. Whether it’s the impact of the fall or the act of twisting sharply, this can have a profound effect on our nerves. However, issues such as compression and tearing can be detrimental to your movement and so you should always seek medical attention immediately. Some symptoms may include a loss of feeling in your hands and limbs, excessive coughing, loss of control of other organs or a profound effect on your ability to walk or move. You may also know if you have spinal or nerve damage if you’re experiencing stiffness, throbbing back pain or general soreness in the neck.

A slip and fall might be more serious if you’ve accidentally ended up breaking a bone as a result. Almost all slip and fall injuries end with the victim hitting the ground with impact, which can cause quite serious injuries, depending on how hard you hit the floor. If you hear a snap or a crack when you fall, you should immediately go to A&E and see a doctor. Broken hips are particularly common when it comes to slipping and falling; in fact, it’s claimed that around 95% of hip injuries alone are as a result of falling.

A real consequence of slipping and falling is accidentally knocking yourself out or giving yourself a concussion. This issue as a result of slipping and falling requires more immediate emergency care. You will need to seek instant medical attention if you notice any severe signs such as bleeding, a bump on your head or if you start to drift in and out of consciousness. While a concussion is only a temporary problem, you will require a doctor’s advice to ensure that it doesn’t turn into something much more serious.

The first way in which we can help is by offering tailored massage treatment. Any number of the above conditions could leave you with very specific care needs, particularly if you still have scarring or physical injuries as a result of your trip and fall. Stretching and building up your strength can be incredibly important for both your overall comfort and also your confidence.

We won’t just put you on one set path for treatment when you visit. You may be referred to a chiropractor in either our Hollywood or Miami offices to help with spinal realignment, while for some people, this may not be the best possible therapy. In each of our locations, we offer a number of physical therapies, massage and pain relief treatments to help with specific problems. We have a board-certified physician in each of our locations to examine the extent of your injuries, so our massages, carried out by licensed therapists, can be truly effective.

Experiencing a slip and fall accident can have a profound effect on one’s confidence. Losing some of your day-to-day comfort, or even some of your ability to move can have a knock-on effect on employment and leisure activities. Seeing a licensed therapist could be a great way of restoring your confidence and moving forward. We won’t just book you in with a massage therapist with the intention of relieving discomfort: we will always give you an expert assessment followed by tailored treatments for your respective needs. We understand that physical therapy and pain relief needs to be personalized to be effective.

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