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Accidents are something that can happen at any time to anyone; this is why they’re called ‘accidents’ since they can’t be predicted and can affect everyone in the same way. We can do everything possible to ensure that we are as safe as can be, but still, accidents occur, and when they do, they can leave a devastating impact.

From chronic neck pain to soft tissue injury related mobility problems and even mental health issues, accidents are dangerous for many different reasons. The life you once had may no longer be possible to enjoy.

When your health, your relationships, your work, and your pastimes are affected because of a car accident or other incident, you must seek medical help as soon as you can. Auto accident chiropractors can help.

Finding the right clinic for you is the first step, and ensuring that you are happy with the care the specialist chiropractors can give you is all-important; recovery from an accident is as much a mental battle as it is a physical one. If you are happy with the care that you are receiving, your recovery after an accident should go much faster.

Choosing Icon Medical Centers

Icon Medical Centers can do everything for you when it comes to chiropractic care. We can even work with your insurance company to make the process of claiming for any losses or pain incurred a smoother one. We have excellent relationships with many different insurers, and we can liaise with them as needed, offering them all the information they require to process your claim efficiently. We can even talk to third party insurers, and this is often a requirement during a car accident claim.

It is not just insurers we can talk to at Icon Medical Centers, either. We are happy to go the extra mile for our clients and ensure that any accident victim’s court date is attended by a clinician who understands your chronic pain, your treatment, and your prognosis.

Giving expert testimony for our patients is yet another of our amazing benefits, and it is one of the reasons why we come so highly recommended. By taking away your stress, we understand how much better that is for your body, and how much better your recovery time will be.

What Can We Help You With?

Car accident injuries are something that we deal with regularly, but that’s not the only reason people come to see us and go away so satisfied with the service we give them. There are numerous reasons why you might need to visit a chiropractor. You could have had a workplace accident or a slip, trip, or fall.

You might have injured yourself at home, or on vacation. The human body is an amazing thing, but it can be injured easily too. When it does get hurt, pain management is the first step, but proper chiropractic care must follow for a full, quick recovery.

Being involved in a car accident can lead to a need for chiropractic care from Icon Medical Centers and our licensed chiropractors. The common injuries we treat include:

  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Misaligned spine
  • Whiplash
  • Muscle tension and soreness
  • Upper and lower back pain
  • Acute low back pain

More Than Licensed Chiropractors

At Icon Medical Centers, we can offer our patients more than licensed chiropractors if that is what they need. We have an entire team of experts at our disposal to allocate to patients who need them. These skilled medical professionals include a board-certified neurosurgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, physical therapy experts, massage therapists, and our highly recommended chiropractors.

Whatever the reason you have for coming to Icon Medical Centers, one or more of our team will be able to solve your problem and help give you the life back that you once had.

At Icon Medical Centers we pride ourselves on the fact that we work for our patients and always put their best interests first. It might mean that our chiropractic treatment takes that little bit longer, but the great experience we can offer and the amazing long-term healing process we can produce are certainly worth it.

We need to know that our patients are happy and satisfied with the service we are offering, which is why we keep them informed at all points of the treatment journey. From the initial consultation to the treatment plan we create just for them, plus any ongoing aftercare, we ensure that they are up to date at all times.

A Bespoke Treatment Plan

Our experts take the time and effort to create a bespoke treatment plan for each patient. We don’t just assume that everyone’s injuries and issues are the same, so we use non-invasive methods to determine what is best and then offer a treatment plan that suits the patient, not one that happens to have worked in the past, even if the accident injury is not quite the same.

All we ask of our patients is that they seek medical attention as soon as possible when they need it. Urgent medical help is going to be crucial in the early stages. However, we can also deal with chronic pain, so even if you think it might be too late, you can still get in touch with us.

Schedule an appointment with Icon Medical Centers to discuss your needs and let our chiropractic physicians work out what chiropractic adjustment will work best for you.

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