May 12, 2020

Massage Therapy

Spa Massage Therapy

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Whether you have suffered an injury or are dealing with everyday aches and pains, spa massage therapy may be an option for you. Massage has many health benefits, both physical and mental, and it can be a great alternative to taking drugs to help with the management of pain. Our team of licensed massage therapists offer different types of massage to best suit your condition and give you the best possible outcome.

The benefits of a massage

There are various reasons why it’s worth taking some time out and having a massage, whether it’s a 30-minute, 60 minute, or even longer session.

  • Relaxation – this is perhaps the main reason why people go for spa massage therapy. With a soothing environment, experienced massage therapists and calming music, you are bound to leave your session feeling relaxed
  • Boosting energy – while you’ll feel relaxed when you finish your massage, you’re likely also to feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world
  • Stress reduction – modern life can be stressful, so treat yourself to a spa massage. Not only does it make you feel less stressed mentally, but it also helps relieve the physical signs of stress like stiffness and tense muscles
  • Pain management – massage therapy is a natural way to deal with pain, helping those with injuries and those with long-term health conditions
Natural pain relief

Spa massage therapy is ideal for those who need pain management but want a natural alternative to painkillers and pills. Massage has long been a way of dealing with pain, and when you work with a massage therapist, they target problem areas to leave you feeling relaxed and easing discomfort.
There can be many reasons why people may not want to turn to painkillers and want to try alternatives. Massage doesn’t have side effects and doesn’t harm the body so that it can be an excellent alternative treatment.

Massage after an auto accident

The types of spa massage therapy offered at Icon Medical Centers are ideal for those who’ve had an accident and can help with your long-term recovery. Massage improves circulation so that it can help with healing, and it’s an excellent way to deal with tense muscles and even the stress caused by an event such as a car accident.

Types of massage

There are different types of spa massage therapy available, so we will help you choose a treatment that’ll work best with your condition.
Some types of massage you might want to try including:

  • Swedish massage – a classic style of massage, motions such as stroking, kneading, tapping and vibration are used during this treatment
  • Neuromuscular therapy massage – trigger points are used to release muscle strain, with your therapist using different types of pressure for maximum effect
  • Deep tissue massage – using firmer strokes and pressure, this type of massage works on the deeper layers of muscle, which can help with muscular pain

Spa massage therapy comes in many forms and can help with a range of conditions, both those caused by accidents or injuries, and health problems that you may have lived with for a long time.