Massage therapy

Spa Massage Therapy

Whether you have suffered an injury or are dealing with everyday aches and pains, spa massage therapy may be an option for you. Massage has many health benefits, both physical and mental, and it can be a great alternative to taking drugs to help with the management of pain. Our team of licensed massage therapists …

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Take Care of Yourself

How to Schedule in Time to Take Care of Yourself (Without Feeling Guilty) It’s the way of the current world that we are constantly faced with pressures and demands which make it difficult to spend any quality time alone without feeling bad about it. Especially with the development of technology and social media, having your …

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Low Back Pain

How to Beat Low Back Pain Back pain is very debilitating. It can negatively impact your lifestyle in a variety of ways, from preventing you from taking part in activities you usually enjoy to stopping you from fulfilling the simplest tasks. Not to mention you may be dealing with significant pain every single day. In …

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upper back pain and neck pain

What is Whiplash & How Do You Treat It?

Chances are, we all have experienced, or know someone, who has experienced whiplash. Whiplash can happen in a variety of situations, but most often occurs due to a fender bender or more serious accident. Though other injuries, like a concussion, laceration, or break, will be treated first, whiplash can have long-lasting consequences. That is why …

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