February 28, 2020

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Take Care of Yourself

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How to Schedule in Time to Take Care of Yourself (Without Feeling Guilty)

It’s the way of the current world that we are constantly faced with pressures and demands which make it difficult to spend any quality time alone without feeling bad about it. Especially with the development of technology and social media, having your phone next to you is all it takes to be bombarded with messages, plan requests and constant pressurized communication.

Nevertheless, finding ways to schedule in self care time is essential for your own wellbeing. Here are some methods you can achieve that without having to deal with the guilt.

Make it Part of Your Healthcare Needs

Scheduling care practices that promote better health means you can avoid the guilt because they will be beneficial both to your emotional needs as well as your physical. This could include a monthly appointment with a massage therapist who can alleviate any pent up stress or pain, or it could be consultations with healthcare professionals who can direct you to self care treatments and programs.

Divide Up Your Time Fairly

A lot of guilt stems from having to say no to others or to cancel plans. This is what can lead to spending too much time socializing or fulfilling other tasks for others, and sacrificing your self care time to do so.

To alleviate any guilt, try and divide up your time in a way you are comfortable with. You can spare time for socializing and seeing friends and family, but leave segments of time free for yourself and your own personal care needs. You can avoid feeling guilty if you know that you have already spent time with them that week, or if you have scheduled a social occasion specifically for seeing them.

Ask Yourself Why You Feel Guilty

Getting to the root cause of your guilt can help you to view self care time in a more positive way. Are you being made to feel guilty by a particular person every time you turn down plans or do something they might consider ‘selfish’? If so, this person might be an example of a toxic relationship you can do without – in which case, you have nothing to feel guilty for.

Are you feeling guilty because you know perhaps you don’t spend enough time with loved ones? If so, re-evaluate your schedule and try and make time for everything, if it’s what you want and need.

Treat Self Care as a Concrete Plan

Schedule time for yourself, and treat it the same as you would with any other official appointment. If you had a work deadline to meet, you wouldn’t change your work plans and avoid meeting the deadline. If you had a doctor’s appointment, you wouldn’t fail to turn up. Treat self care plans the same – write them in your diary if you need to – so that you clear points of time you then know are dedicated for taking care of yourself.

If a lack of self care is affecting your health, you can discuss your needs with a professional chiropractor at Icon Medical Centers to help you with any treatment options which may be available to you, such as massage therapy, chiropractic care, or physical therapy.