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The Accident Doctor Near Me

The Accident Doctor Near Me

When you seek medical treatment for an accident injury or are looking for an ongoing pain management solution, think of us. Icon Medical guarantees a great experience for everyone, from those with auto accident injuries all the way to those suffering from conditions like arthritis or acute low back pain.

The Accident Doctor Near Me The Accident Doctor Near Me The Accident Doctor Near Me

We could provide everything you need to recover after a minor car accident and are here to continue your physical rehabilitation if you require emergency medical attention. The best part is that, as a medical clinic, you can get your costs covered by your auto insurance so long as you start treatment within 14 days of your auto accident.

This time frame is important because if you miss it, you will need to go through your medical insurance company instead. Even this is not that big of a problem, however, as we accept many of the state’s biggest and best insurers, including top names like Ambetter or Florida Blue.

Sporting accidents need more than just chiropractic adjustment. That is why we offer many great physical therapy treatments that many professional sportspeople will rely on after being injured on the field. From cryotherapy to electrical muscle stimulation, you will have everything you need to get your body back up and ready to enjoy the sport that you love before you know it.

Chiropractic care from a top Florida chiropractor is essential after a slip and fall accident. The spine often takes a huge brunt of the damage, especially if you fall backward or curl inwards on your fall. Of course, joint injuries, particularly in your wrists and knees, are also common. Between our heat therapies and chiropractic treatments, you will have everything sorted when choosing Icon Medical as the accident doctor near me.

Workplace accident injuries or other cases where negligence was a serious factor in your injury are stressful. That is why when you book an appointment with our chiropractor in Florida, you will not just get a great team of experts; you will also get their professional opinion and all the evidence that you will need for your compensation case. Just get us in touch with your attorney, and we will put together all the information that they will need for your case.

It is highly recommended that you continue treatment after going to the hospital. Recovering from things like a surgery, or even a bone break, takes time and often is very painful. Our treatments can help you manage your pain and can even help your body direct its healing response more efficiently.

Quality Service, Guaranteed

You will get exceptional health care from our team at Icon Medical from the moment you call or make an appointment online, guaranteed.

Top Quality Doctors

Our doctors are here for accident injuries and for chronic pain conditions alike. Between our Medical Director, our neurosurgeon, and our pain management physicians, you will be more than satisfied with the service you will get from Icon Medical.

Top Quality Chiropractors

You will be paired with a licensed chiropractor that is there to provide chiropractic and physical therapy treatment and adjust and customize your treatments to suit your personal preferences. Our chiropractors are incredibly talented and have decades of experience between them.

National Accreditation

If our word were not enough, then know that we are also Nationally Accredited by The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission sets out high standards of care and levels of service for clinics just like ours, so you know for a fact you will be getting quality care here.

Exceptional Support Services

Need help getting to our clinic? Just let us know when you schedule an appointment with our team and arrange transportation services. This can be a one-off event if your regular driver cannot make it, or it can be a consistent service we provide from the start.

We can also offer treatments and services in Spanish rather than in English if you are more comfortable.

We can also tweak treatments, so let your chiropractic physician if you have preferences and requests. If you do not want your neck to be touched, all it takes is a word, and we will accommodate your request.

Start Today

Get started with our exceptional treatment today and schedule an appointment. We are the prime choice when you are looking for an accident doctor near me to give you the best in terms of treatment and services. Go through your auto insurance or health insurance; as a medical clinic, we can help accommodate you in almost every scenario.