The Coronavirus Pandemic in Miami, Florida

If you are currently living in Miami, you may be concerned about how the current coronavirus pandemic is going to affect you and your family while living in the city. To find out what is happening in Miami and the steps that the government has taken to protect the city, here is a guide to the outbreak.

How Has Coronavirus Affected Miami?

Coronavirus has quickly spread around the globe, and many fear the US will become the next epicenter of the outbreak. In terms of Miami, many are concerned that spring break, where Americans traditionally flock to the shores of Florida, may cause an outbreak to occur within the state.

This has led to a stay-at-home order for residents of Florida, which effectively restricts the movements of Floridians to their homes unless they need to leave for an essential reason, such as grocery shopping. It also stops non-essential employees from heading to their workplace. Many popular festivals in the area have also been cancelled. For instance, the Calle Oche Music Festival, which was due to take place in mid-March, was quickly called to a halt. This is reflective of the situation across Florida, with all non-essential businesses and entertainment venues shut within the state.

What Should You Do if You Have the Virus in Miami?

If you believe you have coronavirus, you should stay at home and keep in contact with your local doctor by phone. It is important that you isolate yourself from others in your household and that you can disinfect all surfaces after you have used them. Official advice from the CDC suggests that you should wear a cloth mask over your face, and you should call your local emergency room if you have trouble breathing, or display other serious symptoms, such as blue lips. You can also use the CDC’s self-checker to decide whether your symptoms align with those of coronavirus.

Then, you should try to get officially tested for the disease. You can do this by visiting one of the coronavirus testing facilities in Florida as centers in Miami, Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines and Hialeah are open for local residents. However, some sites currently have age restrictions on who can get tested. Although you will need to call your healthcare provider or your County Health Department in order to book an appointment, Miami-Dade county has said that they will start using 15-minute tests on randomly screened residents in order to get a more accurate depiction of the spread.

How Can I Stay Safe in Miami?

You can stay safe by avoiding public areas and practicing social distancing, which includes keeping 6 feet between you and other people, avoiding physical contact, and staying at home as much as possible. You should not go to crowded natural areas to exercise, such as Miami Beach or some of the most popular Florida tourist spots. This is particularly important in locations like Miami and Florida where people may start to ignore guidelines to travel on spring break from other states. You should also reduce the amount of time that you spend shopping for essentials and consider wearing gloves when you are using drive-throughs and if you’re around other people. In addition, when you do leave home, you can protect yourself by using contactless payments and washing your hands regularly.

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