February 14, 2020

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Importance of Self Care

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The Importance of Self Care

In a busy world filled with fulfilling responsibilities and tasks for others, whether it’s your family, friends or workplace, self care can often go unthought of. Due to the daily demands of lifestyle choices and a need to work hard to earn money and pay bills, a person’s health and emotional wellbeing can often be found on the backburner. However, this isn’t the right way to achieve your own happiness and live a healthy life.

So why is self care so important?

Emotional Health Should Be Treated in The Same Way as Physical Health

If you suffer a physical injury or illness, your first thought is to seek medical attention. You would have no qualms about taking time off work or telling others that you need a break due to a physical injury you have suffered which requires treatment.

Unfortunately, emotional health is not treated in the same way – and it should be. Lack of self care can lead to emotional and internal problems that may not carry any physical symptoms but which are just as urgent. Lack of a self care ritual may lead to negative thoughts and mental health problems.

Pay attention to emotional signs in the same way you would physical pain in the body.

Lack of Self Care Can Lead to Physical Health Problems

High levels of stress can lead to high blood pressure, lack of regular sleep can lead to a variety of health problems over time and overworking yourself, leaving no time for relaxation, may result in your body burning out and deteriorating, such as regular aches and pains.

Furthermore, if you are not taking care to implement proper fitness and exercise, your body may be more at risk of being easily strained, such as back muscles and lack of flexibility, as well as increasing the risk of obesity and the health complications associated with that.

Self Care is About Focusing on Your Own Needs

While it’s perfectly okay to sacrifice time for others, especially family and friends, and to accept that sometimes you may have responsibilities which take you away from your own needs, it’s important to remember that caring for number one is also important – and definitely not selfish.

Your own needs matter too. This is why it’s okay to turn down social plans if you would rather spend some time alone, or why it’s okay to treat yourself and focus on your own happiness. Eliminate anything from your life which doesn’t allow you to live your life the way you comfortably want to and anything which encourages unhealthy habits.

In What Ways Can You Implement Self Care?

There are many ways you can get into the routine of self care. Some of them may be very personal to you, and some of them may be universally accepted as the perfect ways to concentrate on your own wellbeing.

Self care methods could include:

  • A healthy fitness routine
  • A healthy and varied diet
  • Relaxation techniques and meditation
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Having regular health treatments which can improve your wellbeing
  • Regular massage therapy
  • Regular chiropractic treatment
  • Fulfilling activities which you love
  • Focus on more positive thinking

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