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Car Accidents

Urgent Care for Car Accidents

Urgent Care for Car Accidents

We are here if you have been injured in a car accident. We are here for you after you receive urgent medical care from a hospital. We are here for you for your chronic conditions. When you feel pain, and that pain has a source in your spine, your muscles, or your joints, we can help.

When you book an appointment with our urgent care center, you do not just get urgent care for car accident injuries. You get a full check-up and then a personalized treatment plan just for you. This is how we can best help you recover from your injuries, no matter what stage you are in. You could be just coming out of the hospital, or you may finally want to work through an old accident injury from years past.

Urgent Care for Car Accidents Urgent Care for Car Accidents Urgent Care for Car Accidents

The only thing to remember if you are coming to us after an auto accident is that it is best to get started within 14 days of the incident. This is not because our work is only effective during this period, but that you can get your health care costs covered by your auto insurance provider, rather than your medical insurance company.

We accept medical insurance, but you are already entitled to medical bill coverage from your auto insurance, so you might as well take full use of the benefits available to you.

Regardless of when you schedule an appointment with our team, we will work to give you a great experience from the second you call to the moment you finish your medical treatment plan. As your treatment plan will be designed solely with you in mind, we can address a wide variety of injuries and injury types, including:

Car Accident Injuries We Can Treat

We can help with a variety of injuries caused by car accidents. Though we can treat old accident injuries, it is just important to note that when you seek treatment soon. This way, you get it covered, and it is more effective.

Back Injuries

Back and spine injuries are very common in auto accidents. Spinal injuries can cause lasting pain. One car accident and suddenly you have to deal with acute low back pain for weeks, if not months, not understanding why.

The real reason? Likely because your spine has started to push against a nerve. If you feel lower back pain, especially down the back of your legs, then it is likely you have sciatica and would greatly benefit from chiropractic adjustment from a licensed chiropractor.

Joint Injuries

Knee injuries, shoulder injuries, wrist injuries and other joint injuries are also very common following an auto accident, and our physical therapy treatments are perfect for helping treat them and reduce your pain. Heat therapies, in particular, work wonders to soothe away the pain and to make it more manageable while your body heals.

Neck Injuries

The reason why you do not want to visit just any chiropractic physician for your auto accident injuries is because of the possible neck, cranium, and brain trauma. These are very, very delicate areas, and sometimes it is better to wait than to get immediate care.

But how do you make sure that you are not aggravating these injuries when you seek out chiropractic care? Easy, because at Icon Medical, we have a neurosurgeon and medical team on staff who will check over your injuries and oversee your treatment. You will always be getting the best treatment from our team because we combine physical therapy with medical diagnostics.

Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries are also treated with physical therapy treatments, but also with our massage therapy sessions. Reduce inflammation, ease your pain, and improve circulation to the injured tissue.

Non-Car Accident Injuries We Can Treat

If you need a holistic pain management treatment, we are the place to go. We treat so much more than just car accident injuries, which is why our clinic comes so highly recommended to those throughout Florida.

Sports Accident Injuries

Our physical therapy treatments do wonders for those with Sports accident injuries. We have electrical muscle stimulation, mechanical traction, hot/cold therapy, and more. Many pro athletes use these treatments after an injury, and at Icon Medical, you have access to them, too.

Workplace Accident Injuries

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Florida who can provide treatment after a workplace accident, we are it. We can help those who have been in auto accidents on the job, who have been hurt at their workplace or been hurt due to faulty equipment. We also know how to work with compensation attorneys so that you can enjoy your recovery stress-free.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are very common and usually affect the back, neck, pelvis, and joints. Between our chiropractic treatments and physical therapies, you will be as good as new.

Chronic Pain Conditions

We do not just treat one-off injuries. If you are looking for a holistic pain management option, then regular appointments with your Florida chiropractor are a must. Regardless of what the source or cause of the pain, our approach means that you will always be 100% satisfied with your service. All you need to get started is to call or make an appointment online with our team.