October 7, 2019

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Calisthenic Park: a Place to Get Back into Your Workout Routine

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We all know what it’s like to slip off the exercise bandwagon. If you have been inactive when it comes to working out for a while, the thought of heading to the gym or taking up exercise classes can feel like hard work.

Luckily, getting back into the fitness game doesn’t have to be such a drag. As much as you’ll need a little motivation and inspiration to get those fitness goals back on track, with a little help from Calisthenics, you can slowly be getting your routine back.

What are Calisthenic Parks?

Calisthenic is what is also known as Street Workout, the modern-day version of working out and keeping fit in the freedom of the great outdoors. Calisthenic Parks are professional exercise zones, kitted out with bodyweight equipment to encourage those who are keen on keeping fit to gain a more defined body shape and visible muscle mass.

You can find many Calisthenic parks situated along the beachfront, encouraging bodyweight workouts in public spaces. It’s an extremely popular way to work out, so you needn’t feel worried about being one of the only ones there.  

Calisthenics workouts combine elements of classic gymnastic exercises such as push-ups, squats, pull-ups and dips with more creative outdoor exercises, like running, breakdancing and handstands.

Why Calisthenics Park South Beach?

One place in particular which provides an inspiring and fun outdoor environment is Calisthenic Park South Beach. Situated at 873 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, this open-air sandlot gym lets you get your sweat on while taking in the salty sea air, just a small step away from the roaring ocean.

When you’re in the beautiful beach area of Miami, you have the benefit of glorious weather, in which the breezy beachside provides the perfect location for a workout.

Calisthenics Park South Beach is a palm-lined spot with all the essentials when it comes to equipment. This place encourages serious workouts, for those looking to tackle the barbells, punching bags and ropes set out on the hard-packed sands.

You’ll always find a professional trainer or two located at this destination, offering help and support if needed. It’s popular with professional trainers too, so there’s always someone on hand to spot you. If running is your thing, you’ll find it easier here due to the compact stretch of sand along with a nearby boardwalk for those keen on throwing in cardio.

Tips for Working Out at South Beach

You can take advantage of South Beach way into the late hours, but the best time to work out here is early in the morning. It’s the coolest time of the day, in which you’ll avoid the mid-morning heatwave which can be crushing to any workout.

If you can only get there during the high heat, there is a fountain and shower close by, which just like the Calisthenic Park, it’s all free to use.

From tires to flip and free weights to lift, Calisthenic Park South Beach has been reviewed by many as one of the best free outdoor fitness spots in the world. Try it out for yourself and see if you agree!

Even the greatest athletes sustain injuries sometimes. If you happen to push yourself past your limits and become injured while playing sports or working out at South Beach Calisthenic Park, Icon Medical Centers can help you recover from your injuries and help you get back to your optimal health state. We are an accident clinic in Miami and are located only 20 minutes away from Miami Beach Calisthenic Park.