Chiropractor near Hialeah

Chiropractor near Hialeah

Are you suffering from acute low back neck or pain? Have you been hurt after an accident? All you need is to call or make an appointment online with Icon Medical, and you will have access to some of the best chiropractic adjustment, spinal adjustment, massage therapy, physical therapy, and pain managing injections in the state. We want you to feel better and recover effectively and will do everything in our power to help you with your pain, new and old alike.

Our range of treatments means that you will not just be able to enjoy relief for your spine pain. Muscle injuries, compression injuries, joint injuries, and more can all be handled. We can even help if you have had more serious injuries.

Chiropractor near Hialeah Chiropractor near Hialeah Chiropractor near Hialeah

Break a bone? Suffer from a cut or laceration? Though we cannot help you right away, we can help you with your recovery later on. Cuts can heal better and more effectively with heat therapy. Broken bones can be further rehabilitated after your cast comes off.

Because your treatment is always personalized for you, your treatment will always suit your recovery, no matter what stage you are currently in.

That is the Icon Medical guarantee.

Reasons to Choose Icon Medical as Your Hialeah Chiropractor

There are so many reasons to visit Icon Medical as the top chiropractor in Hialeah, FL, after an auto accident, slip and fall accident, sports accident, or any other mishap that has you bruised and injured.

1. We Accept Insurance

One of the biggest reasons why our clinic comes so highly recommended, especially over any other chiropractor in Hialeah, is the fact that you can get your care covered. For example, if you have auto accident injuries, you can get your care covered by your auto insurance.

You could have been the at-fault driver or even a bystander and be guaranteed this coverage by law. There is, however, a time frame for getting treatment. So long as you seek medical treatment from our chiropractic physician and medical team within 14 days, however, you are in the clear.

This, of course, only applies in the event of a car accident. If you were involved in any other kind of accident, you would want to go through your health insurance company instead. Just some of the big names that we accept include Ambetter, Florida Blue, and Cigna.

2. We Provide Transportation

If you have been injured so seriously that you are seeking out health care treatments, then chances are you are either on medication that forbids you from driving or are in a condition that makes it painful to take public transportation. We do not want you to stress, and we certainly do not want you or your family to be put out by trying to get you to your appointments on time.

We can provide transportation to our clients however many times they need it. This could be for one afternoon, or it could be on an ongoing basis throughout your recovery plan.

3. We Offer Services in Spanish

All of our treatments are offered in both English and Spanish. If you are organizing treatment for a loved one whose English or English comprehension is worrying you, let us know and treat them in Spanish instead. Communication and understanding are one of the most important parts of treatments.

4. We Provide Legal Support

While you enjoy your chiropractic care and physical therapy, we can worry about your legal case. You will still need a lawyer, yes, but we know exactly what information and evidence your lawyer will need from our end. This way, we can help you win your case and get the full compensation sum.

5. We Are Nationally Accredited

We are a Hialeah chiropractor that The Joint Commission has nationally accredited. This accreditation assures our clients of our excellence and dedication to quality. From pain management to urgent medical rehabilitation, you can bet on the quality of care we provide.

Get in Touch to Learn More

Schedule an appointment with the best-licensed chiropractor in Hialeah. Here you will never have to second-guess your care. You can also go through your auto insurance within 14 days after your car accident or go through your medical insurance company for every other type of chronic pain condition and accident injury you may have.

At Icon Medical, you will always get a great experience because we start with you and your needs. We know you will be 100% satisfied with the service you will receive from our team because we hire only the best, and your treatment will be designed with your needs and preferences in mind.

If you have any questions, get in touch. You can do this when you book an appointment or just by calling our team during office hours. We want you to be confident in your treatment.

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Chiropractor near Hialeah