Accident Clinic Pinecrest

Accident Clinic Pinecrest

Bad accidents happen to everyone, but you shouldn’t let them ruin your life. After you’ve been injured, you’re likely struggling with fatiguing pain and difficulty performing ordinary tasks. These limitations can be stressful and depressing, holding you back from your normal way of living. Speaking to a healthcare professional can vastly improve your well-being and help you get back on track to good health. Don’t delay reaching out to an expert team who can learn about your condition and create the best treatment regime for you. Contact Icon Medical Centers in Pinecrest to learn more about our specialties.

Accident Clinic Pinecrest Accident Clinic Pinecrest Accident Clinic Pinecrest

What Should I Do After I’ve Been Injured?

As soon as you’ve been injured, you will need immediate medical attention. The more you delay this, the more likely you may risk suffering from additional injuries that may worsen your previous injuries. Some never recover from old injuries that went untreated. You may also have soft tissue injuries that show up much later unexpectedly. The best investment is in your health, and with the help of a doctor, you can receive the quality care you need to help you heal from your accident.

How To Get Treatment For Personal Injuries

Our medical team comprises educated and certified professionals who have in-depth knowledge of dealing with injuries related to accidents. Here are just some of our specialties:

Chiropractic Physicians

These chiropractic professionals can diagnose the condition you are experiencing relating to any musculoskeletal disorders. They also begin a treatment strategy targeting the spine and the alignment of your posture. Chiropractic physicians have extensive training and are licensed practitioners in spinal health care. They can help you with chronic and severe back pain, spinal cord disorders, and radiating pain such as sciatica.

Orthopedic Surgeons

If you experience a catastrophic injury or a severe wound that requires surgery, an orthopedic surgeon can help. These surgeons focus on the musculoskeletal system, such as muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments, and operate to help remedy any bodily injuries that prevent normal movement. Orthopedic surgery is typically used for dislocated joints, back pain, and hip pain.


These healthcare professionals are medical doctors that specialize in rehabilitation and physical medicine. They first do this by diagnosing the problem, implementing a treatment protocol, and prescribing medications. When you are struggling with nerve damage, neurological disorders, back pain, and other issues with mobility, a physiatrist and develop a plan for you.


These surgeons specialize in conditions dealing with your nervous systems, such as your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. They are trained and experienced in performing delicate surgery on your nervous system but can also provide non-surgical treatment strategies. Neurosurgeons treat a wide variety of neurological disorders, such as herniated or bulging spinal discs, spinal deformities, fractures, and other peripheral nervous system issues. They also help with issues dealing with traumatic brain injury. This can help improve motor skills that were lost, weakness, paralysis, and numbness.

Emergency Physicians

These physicians are emergency room doctors that save lives by quickly managing traumatic injuries. When a patient comes in with extreme wounds that are life-threatening, emergency physicians act immediately to stabilize the patient and help prevent them from passing away. These doctors help with complex procedures, including chest tube placement for pneumothorax, laceration repair, emergency vascular access for the administration of blood products, and fractured bone reduction.

Licensed Massage Therapists

Massage therapists use hand pressure and touch to improve the circulation in muscles and other soft tissues. This helps to rehabilitate injuries, cut down on stress, relieve chronic or severe pain, and increase overall wellbeing. Massage therapists are often used when patients are in the recovery process after their cuts, bruises, and broken bones have healed. They work by applying pressure to the muscles, fascia layers, ligaments, and tendons that are too tight or damaged.

Speak To A Professional Accident Clinic In Pinecrest

After you experience an inconvenient and disastrous accident, you are likely dealing with many life difficulties as you recover from your injuries. You can get the direction you need for a speedier recovery with the help of Icon Medical Centers’ certified medical professionals. Our multi-disciplinary team excels at rehabilitating even some of the most difficult traumatic injuries. We incorporate surgeons, chiropractors, emergency medics, massage therapists, physical therapists, and much more into your treatment regime so that you get the best medical treatment possible. Vet our doctors and ask as many questions as you want today by speaking with our team. Call Icon Medical Centers now to find out more about your disorder so that you can get the treatment you deserve.

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