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Alleviate the Symptoms of Facet Joint Syndrome with Facet Block Injections

Facet joints operate as part of the spinal column system. Each vertebra of the spine – the bones connected to one another – hold a large disc at the front and two facet joints at the back. This moveable and strong system is what enables the spinal column to move, bend and twist as needed.

Each facet joint is lined with cartilage and is lubricated in fluid to encourage smoother movement. These joints should move and slide as needed, but also work substantially enough to deter over-exertion or twisting in the wrong way. However, problems can occur with these facet joints, which is where Facet Joint Syndrome comes in.

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Learn more about Facet Block Injections​

Facet Joint Syndrome is a condition of the spine that can cause a large amount of pain in the back and neck, similar to arthritis. This syndrome is caused by changes in the facet joints over time, during which they deteriorate and their cartilage breaks down, becomes inflamed and causes pain in nerve endings. Facet Joint Syndrome can cause many levels of pain, including chronic and long-term pain.

This pain can originate in either one or many facet joints.

General aging can be a huge factor in Facet Joint Syndrome, due to the cartilage in joints wearing down more as you get older. However, other factors can be taken into account when considering the causes of Facet Joint Syndrome. Anything which directly affects the spine and the way in which the facet joints move can cause pain and increase the likelihood of this syndrome developing.

This includes:

  • An injury which directly affects the spinal column
  • Certain repetitive movements that aid in the deterioration of the spinal joints
  • Poor posture that sees the joints in an unhealthy position on a regular basis

Obesity that puts extra pressure and weight on the joints of the spine

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