Vibration Massage

Vibration Massage Therapy

Vibration Massage Therapy

Vibration Massage Therapy for Pain relief

There are many different types of massage here at Icon Medical that can alleviate the pain that you are experiencing from a personal injury or auto accident. Rather than using methods that are focused on pressure points, like shiatsu massage or kneading massages, which are focused on the circular movement of the massager’s hands, vibration massages use vibrations and shaking to have the same effect on the patient. If you are interested in whether Icon Medical’s vibration massage is a solution for your pain, read on for more information on the practice and what it could do for you.

Vibration Massage Therapy Vibration Massage Therapy Vibration Massage Therapy

What is a vibration massage?

A vibration massage uses vibrations to achieve a reduction of pain and relaxation in the body. Although vibration massages are not as popular as other forms of massage for patients, many practitioners are now starting to see its advantages over other forms of massage. During a vibration massage, the tissues in the body are pressed down and then released. Many of these sessions are combined with regular massage techniques in an attempt to achieve the maximum possible effect on the patient.

How are vibration massages performed?

  • During a vibration massage, your massage therapist can use either their hands, an electric device, or a massage chair, and each method will be explained in more detail below.
    • If they are using their hands and fingertips to perform the massage, the practitioner will stiffen all of the joints in their arms, which will produce a shaking motion akin to vibration. Then, they will focus their fingertips onto the area being massaged, which will produce positive benefits. Some massagers may also vibrate their hands slightly in order to achieve the same effect.
    • However, some parties will use an electric device to perform a vibration massage on a client. When using a handheld massage machine, the massage will be able to be focused on one area of the body, allowing the area in need to feel the positive effects of the technique. Electric equipment may be used in different ways to produce an up and down or sideways motion depending on the area of the body that needs the massage.
    • Massage chairs are also now becoming more common in the practice of vibration massage, with many people feeling the beneficial effects of a whole-body massage in this manner. Rather than a localized treatment, massage chairs produce a massage that affects the whole of your body, where vibrations are felt equally in all parts of the body. This is most effective for those seeking treatments that focus on relaxation and stress relief.

What are the benefits of a vibration massage?

  • One of the most important health benefits for those suffering after a personal injury or auto accident is the fact that vibration massages reduce pain in the body by soothing or stimulating the injured tissues. This is because the practice promotes a sensation of numbness in the body, which helps to dull the pain in the same way that an anesthetic would.
  • Vibration massages can also promote relaxation and stress relief, which can help to relieve tensed muscles, muscle contractions, improve circulation. It also produces hormones that are related to happiness in the body, which can then help to increase your positive state of mind.
  • As well as the relaxation of muscles, the practice also aids blood circulation, which can boost the body’s natural healing processes. Good circulation can also help you to feel healthier and improves your metabolism.
  • Massages can also increase bone density through the production of osteoblasts, which can help people with long-term conditions and those who are having problems with their bones and injury recovery due to personal injuries.
  • If you need to rebuild your strength after an accident, vibration massage can also help to increase your muscle strength and mass, as it focuses on specific muscles in your body. This can decrease the recovery time of certain injuries and ensure that your muscles remain flexible

How can they help with personal injuries?

If you are looking to receive the benefits of vibration massage after a personal injury, here at Icon Medical, we have a full range of massage courses and treatments which can help you to recover from your injury and return to full health as soon as possible. All you have to do is contact us at our locations in Miami and Hollywood to feel the beneficial effects that vibration massage can have on your recovery.

Vibration massages at Icon Medical can help those suffering from issues after a personal injury due to their wide range of physical and emotional effects on the body. For instance, those struggling with back and neck pain may be able to find pain relief with vibration massage due to the release of tension in the muscles that certain techniques cause. Not only this, but those suffering from chronic pain caused by an injury can also find relief from pain due to the aesthetic effect of vibration massage and increased circulation, which can help to decrease your recovery time after an accident through boosting the body’s healing processes.