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As a medical clinic which treats patients daily from accidents, we understand how difficult it can be going from a fully active life to one that has to be conducted carefully, in pain, with a reduced range of motion. After a car accident or sporting accident, this is what can happen to those involved, and it is not surprising they will be searching for an accident care clinic near me when they feel they need expert assistance.

After all, Florida law states it very clearly; this help has to be given to those who have been injured, and the help does include chiropractic care, which is exactly (among other things) what Icon Medical Centers specializes in.

It makes no difference whether the accident that has restricted your life took place at work, at home, or on the road come to that, which means car accident injuries, sporting injuries, and more can be treated.

The injuries are what is important, and these are what Icon will focus on. Search for an accident care clinic near me and find Icon Medical Centers – we will always welcome you.

The Services We Offer

Some clinics only offer one kind of treatment. This can suit some patients, but it certainly won’t suit all, and it could leave them searching for more accident care clinics near me when they need additional help.

Icon Medical Centers is different because at our accident care clinic, we have a wide range of accident treatments on offer, starting with chiropractic treatment but moving on to include physical therapy, massage, and more. By providing our patients with this much help, you are sure we can treat everyone who comes to us and give them a full range of treatment rather than just treating part of the problem.

To provide you with an idea of the many conditions we witness on a day to day basic, the most common injuries and chronic pain issues include:

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hip pain
  • Leg pain
  • Back pain
  • Migraines and tension headaches
  • Stress
  • Sciatica
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Sporting injuries
  • Pregnancy pains
  • Whiplash injuries

Injuries such as these can be sustained in automobile accidents, sports accidents, slips and falls, and more.

Even if you’re not entirely sure what your condition is, or what treatment you are going to need, you can still converse with us as your nearest accident clinic. We’ll provide you with all the help and advice you need, and we’ll be honest about diagnosing and treating you the entire time.

If we can treat you, our osteopathic doctors discuss all your options with you to keep you in complete control of your own treatment. We will never make decisions without you, and we want your input. To begin with, we’ll ask you questions about your personal injury and how you are dealing with it; we’ll find out as much as we can, and we’ll listen to you when you talk to us.

After that, we’ll be able to create your bespoke treatment plan and get to work right away if you’re happy for us to. This enables us to help you in the best way we can, and you won’t have to look for any more accident care clinics near me; you’ll have found Icon Medical Centers.

We Don’t Do Temporary

We know that pain can be reduced or eliminated on a temporary basis through medication or ‘quick fix’ methods. This might be fine for the short term, but is it really something you want to have to do for the rest of your life?

Instead, we work on the long term solutions to your pain problems. We focus of getting things right from the start, treating the site of the pain, but also the underlying root cause of it. In this way, your accident care clinic really is doing the best job it can for you.

Our Specialists Are The Best

At Icon Medical Centers, our specialists are the best we can offer you. They are highly skilled, well trained, fully qualified, and they love what they do, meaning they will always go above and beyond for their patients. These skills and traits are what combine to give each of our patients their own treatment plan with the ultimate in care, whatever that might be.

To do this, we have various specialties on board. We have chiropractor adjustment experts, who can manipulate the spine back into place, reducing pain and offering better mobility to everyone.

If this isn’t enough, we also have massage therapists to relieve sore muscles and physical therapists to help increase your range of motion. We have a team of surgeons who can assist for more serious complaints, as well as a dedicated administration team who can deal with your insurance company while you focus on your auto accident injuries.

You might need just one of these team members, you might need a selection of them, but that’s what Icon Medical Centers in your nearest accident care clinic is so perfect for you; we can offer you everything.

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