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After an accident, victims will be checked for obvious signs of injury – they will be examined for broken bones, for cuts and bruises, and anything else that can be immediately seen. At the hospital (assuming they attend hospital, of course), more in-depth examinations can take place.

The problem is, this still might not diagnose a problem that is going to cause issues for many months, years, or even a lifetime to come. These are the invisible yet highly damaging issues that an accident can bring about that only a specialist chiropractor and accident doctor near Sunny Isles Beach can help with.

These are the issues that cause people to be unable to work or enjoy their free time. They might not be able to sleep, move about as well as they want to, or do anything else that they enjoy. Although invisible, these injuries are serious, and to give people back the lives they should be leading, which are as full as possible, accident therapy clinic Icon Medical Centers can help.

We Understand the Issues

Thanks to our vast amount of experience when it comes to helping people put their lives back on track after they have been involved in an accident, Icon Medical Centers’ car accident clinic near Sunny Isles Beach completely understands the issues that accident victims are facing.

We understand, and we know how to help, and that’s why we can be sure of being able to help you – our expertise and unrivaled knowledge will assist us in assisting you. No matter whether you are suffering greatly, or you have a little uncomfortable pain, we know exactly what it will take.

Since we only have highly experienced and knowledgeable staff at Icon Medical Centers’ auto accident chiropractor near Sunny Isles Beach, this means we know exactly how the body responds to pain, and how it creates it. When it comes to the spine, which as chiropractors is what we specialize in, we know that even if it is only slightly out of alignment, the result can be agony.

By manually manipulating the spine, we can reduce or eliminate the pain, and improve mobility. It’s a technique that is entirely natural and non-invasive, and one that takes a lot of skill. This is why you should always consult with a professional if you have back pain and need your spine realigned.

No One Size Fits All Treatment Plans

Every single patient who comes to Icon Medical Centers’ auto injury doctor near Sunny Isles Beach is unique. Because of this, and because the nature of their accident and subsequent injury is unique too, we don’t offer any kind of one size fits all treatment plans. We discuss the issues with the patient, and, with their input, we design a bespoke treatment plan that caters to exactly what they need, their lifestyle, and their injuries.

This is why Icon Medical Centers stands out as an accident chiropractic doctor near Sunny Isles Beach: we take everything into consideration, and we involve the patient at all points throughout the treatment. They become a part of our exceptional team because, after all, this is their body, and they know how they are feeling better than anyone.

What About Insurance?

It’s clear to see that Icon Medical Centers’ car accident injury clinic does a lot for our patients. If you need an accident doctor near Sunny Isles Beach, you should make Icon your first choice; after all, we’re confident we’ve got everything you are going to need to recover fully after whatever accident you were involved in. 

In addition, Icon Medical Centers really does go above and beyond for our patients, and we offer help when it comes to insurance claims too. We can discuss your claim and your case with your insurers, or a third party’s insurers if someone else caused the accident and detail the extent of your injuries as well as the treatment plan that we have outlined for you.

We can answer all their questions and help you to put your claim forward without you needing to concern yourself about it. This will help you to recover better with much less stress in your life.

The Icon Team

We’ve mentioned that our patients hold a place in our team, but what osteopathic doctors do we have working at Icon Medical Centers? Firstly, we have chiropractors who have many years of experience and are highly skilled at what they do. This might be all that is required, but it could be that other team members are going to be needed to give you a pain-free future.

We have massage therapists, for example, who can soothe tense muscles. Also, we have physiotherapists who can help when it comes to mobility. Finally, we have a neurosurgeon, and an orthopedic surgeon should additional measures need to be taken.

As you can see, combining the skills of these experts and using them to create the ideal tailor-made treatment plan is the best way Icon Medical Centers knows to help people.

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