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Accident Injury Clinic in Coral Gables

Recovery from a car accident can take time and patience. Finding the best in medical treatment after an auto accident used to mean relying on a variety of different medical facilities. That’s because the auto accident injuries caused by a car crash can widely vary from incident to incident.

Finding a fully comprehensive treatment in Coral Gables has never been easier. Icon Medical Centers has been designed so that we can offer a full range of treatment options so that you don’t have to worry about getting ineffective medical care. If you have been involved in a car accident and you’re struggling to get the treatment that you need, then contact Icon Medical Centers to discuss your recovery options.

Legal and Financial Matters

Money is always going to be a concern after a car accident. You might have to pay for car repairs and the cost of medical treatment, and you may even have to miss out on work shifts. Icon Medical Centers near Coral Gables accepts all forms of insurance, and that includes the personal injury clauses of your insurance policy.

Our years of experience in helping patients recover from car accident injuries means that we also have extensive experience in communicating effectively with insurance companies. That means you have less stress to deal with, which can help improve your recovery rate.

You may also be considering making a claim for compensation after your car accident in Coral Gables. If you have legal counsel already, then we ensure that they have all of the access they need to present your case. That makes it more likely that you will get the compensation you deserve.

If you have yet to find the accident attorney, then our years of experience providing healthcare for car accident victims in Coral Gables means that have built strong relationships with the best local lawyers. The medical professionals at Icon Medical Centers will even provide courtroom testimony when needed, making it more likely that you get a ruling in your favor.

A Collaborative Approach to Car Accident Recovery

The Icon Medical Center is the best medical facility for residents of Coral Gables who have been involved in a car accident. That’s because we have built a team that covers a fully diverse range of specialities, including chiropractic care.

From neurologists to licensed massage therapists, we have a team that can help. Our collaborative approach means that we can create a fully customized treatment plan to match your recovery needs.

No matter the extent or severity of your car accident injuries, we ensure that you only get the car that will improve your health levels. Whether you need emergency physicians, orthopedic surgery, or chiropractic/physical therapy, our personalized treatment plans offer the best roadmap to full recovery.

Accident Chiropractors in Coral Gables

Our dedicated team of licensed chiropractors are specialists when it comes to treating the injuries commonly caused by car accidents. They can ensure that you start your healing process as naturally as possible. After a car accident, most people end up in the ER. While this is always a good idea when it comes to your initial treatment, most ER solutions rely solely on medication and quick fixes.

These are fine for reducing the initial symptoms of a car injury but are ineffective when it comes to the long-term. That’s why it is necessary to get the specialized treatment plans that Icon Medical Centers near Coral Gables is renowned for. We address your injuries, your pain, and make a full diagnosis so that you know what to expect throughout every stage of your treatment. By combining our specialist treatment modalities, we can provide you with a natural, effective, and diverse range of rehabilitative options.

The Dangers of Ignoring Car Accident Injury Symptoms

One of the problems with car accidents is that they cause a massive burst of adrenaline. That can make it very difficult to gauge just how seriously you are injured. Many people walk away from a car accident believing that they have suffered no injuries.

In the days and weeks following a car crash, symptoms may appear. While some may fade in time, they might also be a sign that you have suffered from a serious injury. Failing to treat these issues can result in further damage to the wounded area, as well as the soft tissue surrounding the injury. Treatable injuries that are not addressed may result in a chronic condition that can take years to recover from. In some cases, chronic conditions may not be fully treatable. That’s why it’s vital to contract Icon Medical Centers after a car accident even if you feel fine.

No matter your type of injury, we have the specialists you need to get you on the road to recovery. Make sure that you speak to a member of our Miami accident center’s team today. From comprehensive treatment plans to help with the legal side of things, we can help you avoid the stress and pain of a car accident, and get you back on the path to wellness.

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