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Accident Clinic Near Davie

Accident Clinic Near Davie

Schedule an appointment and immediately gain access to chiropractic adjustment from a Davie chiropractor, as well as essential physical therapy treatments and massage therapy can help provide you with holistic pain management right from the source.

Injuries That We Can Treat Here at Icon Medical

We can treat many injuries here at Icon Medical.

Accident Clinic Near Davie Accident Clinic Near Davie Accident Clinic Near Davie

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are very common in accident injuries, especially for those who have been in a car accident. Auto accident injuries are most commonly found in the unrestrained parts of the body, with your neck being the most at risk. Joints and muscles are also prime targets in an auto accident, though more serious accidents have no limit to how terribly they can damage you.

For minor injuries like whiplash, however, you do not need to worry. We have a neurosurgeon on board who will always check you over first before we begin any adjustments.

Back and Spine Injuries

A licensed chiropractor can easily handle acute low back pain, sciatica, and other back-related pain. These pains could be because of an accident injury or because you pulled your back. You do not even need to know or remember the cause of your pain. Just let us know where it is, and when it hurts. This way, we can adjust your chiropractic care and physical therapy treatments to what will suit and work for you best.

There are many different treatments that your chiropractor in Davie can offer, for example. Some are more innovative and newer, and others are based on techniques that have been around for hundreds of years.

What will work best for your individual recovery will depend entirely on your body, needs, and even how you move.

Joint Injuries

Call or make an appointment online if you experience any kind of joint injury. Joints are critical for our range of motion and our quality of life, especially if those injuries are found in either the knees or in the hands. We offer many great health care treatments designed to help ease pain in the joints after an accident, so you will be 100% satisfied with the service of our combined treatment plan.

Muscle Injuries

You should definitely seek medical treatment for muscle injuries. These injuries could be bleeding, or they could involve healing cuts and other topical injuries like burns. Our highly recommended team knows exactly how to treat these delicate injuries, so book an appointment, start enjoying holistic pain management, and improve your recovery with Icon Medical.

Serious Injury Recovery

Cuts, lacerations, post-surgery – these are all very serious conditions that do need time to heal. After you have healed to a certain point, you can start to benefit from our services. Our treatments offer a great experience for those who want to help manage their pain while they heal and those who want their cuts and surgery scars to heal as effectively as possible.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Though you do not need urgent medical attention for repetitive strain injuries, they can greatly impact your quality of life and are easy to treat. Our team has a few excellent physical therapy treatments available to choose from that will ease the pain and encourage the body to heal repetitive strain injuries and allow you to be pain free.

Chronic and Degenerative Conditions

Chronic pain is very hard to live with, but with our holistic treatments, you have options. We cannot fix your condition, but treatment from a chiropractic physician has been proven to be a great way to help manage your pain. This is true for those with issues like arthritis all the way to osteoporosis.

Get Your Care Covered and Start Treatment

We are a medical clinic, which means that we are licensed to care for and treat those with accident injuries and are also able to accept coverage from your insurance company. In most cases, this is through your health insurance, especially if you have a chronic condition, but that is not your only option.

Those who have been in auto accidents will find that they can get their care covered through their auto insurance claim. Start soon, however, as you only have 14 days to start your treatment before your insurer can legally refuse to cover your health care costs.

If you are on a tight deadline, all you need is to let our team know when you call for an appointment. We will do our best to squeeze you in before your deadline runs out. We do this because it is in your best interest to make your treatment as stress-free as possible.

Our clinic’s goal is not just to help you physically but also to improve your well-being in the long-term. If there is anything, we can do to improve your experience with us, let our team know.